09 June, 2007

Myspace and Youtube...blocked again?

Has anyone else been having problems accessing Myspace and Youtube over the weekend? No page of doom but continuous 'time outs'. Last week there were no images on Myspace and today there's nothing at all!


Stained said...

I havent been able to access youtube lately....it just doesn't load........bugging

Skeptic Al said...

I had trouble getting onto GMail.

I switched the proxy to:

port 8080

That cleared thing up. I can access youtube with minimal problems.

samuraisam said...

The problem is with Etisalat; I might try calling them later this evening.
The pages are not blocked (at least not yet); it probably has to do with another undersea cable cut (it's that time of year again).

I'm quite sure that this is the same month Etisalat had trouble in last year and the year before.

samuraisam said...

Fucking hell.

The dipshit at Etisalat blamed my internet line and created some stupid technical report.

Despite informing the tech dude that several other people are having trouble with youtube, of course its related to my computer or internet line and Etisalat's international access couldn't have any faults in a million years.

Interestingly pings to google usually sit at 350 msec's yet they're up at 800 msec's now.

Acro said...

same here but adding proxy like skeptic wrote solved the issue

Al Ain Taxi said...

Youtube working, Myspace working but profile photos not loading but now I can't get into Gmail!

ArO said...

Dealing with this block and proxy stff is a real pain in the neck. Some sites need the proxy to be accessible while some others need to go without the proxy. If you are facing this problem and need an automated way to handle that then use Firefox and some proxy management plugins/extensions.
I personally recommend FoxyProxy. It is neat and automatically decides when to use and when not to use the proxy.(once it is properly configured of course)

Nature Strikes Back said...

I can't access them either... or Mixi which is a Japanese SNS site that I really need for work (along with Skype!!!)

I've only been here 3 weeks and am already getting very annoyed and feeling cheated by all that 'progresive' UAE hype that has been so successfully exported!!

Anonymous said...

Etisalat = Etislut

Youtube & Myspace are not blocked, they happen to have a problem and will never admit it, all you will get is disable your firewall or your PC is messed up.

I can hardly access google(10secs) with 2MB dsl line.

Surfing in this country becomes so boring you'd wanna switch back to 56k.

Torrent sites are blocked the same goes for flickr.

How F**king sad......

i*maginate said...

Oh well..while you guys are having problems accessing youtube and the likes, i've only just discovered it! Thanks to samuraisam and nick for the tips on how to load the videos that were jumping badly on my computer!

Living in the Stone Ages

mellie demonz said...
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Anonymous said...

etisalat blocked the youtube agine

when i try to open it with my broxy it open and works greet but when i close the proxy it gives me the same problem bugging and server to busy and all thes bull shit

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