29 June, 2007

Water flood

Does anyone have an idea on what's happening on the piece of land between Ibn Battuta mall and the Emarat gas station?

Apparently he past two days it was flooded with water and I've seen cars almost half under water.

I'm assuming they've either dug so deep that they punctured a water pipe or they've dug groundwater. To my knowledge, there's still no news of what really happened.

Anyways, this is my first post here. Glad to be part of this :-)


BuJ said...

Hello Who-Sane.. welcome! I remember when I last saw this piece of land (if I'm referring to the same piece as you) it was kinda wet. Usually in construction if you want to build a deep basement, then you de-water it by pumping the groundwater out. If it's a huge basement then you store it temporarily in a makeshift outside "pool".. however I don't know why they'd also keep a car in the pool!

most probably there's a big construction site (with a big hole) near-by, look for tell-tale blue hoses.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

You think they are using these cars as dipsticks for the make-shift pools? man! construction managers are really going premitive!

Who's-sane! said...

thanks Buj, dubai jazz :)

Seabee said...

The water down there is very close to the surface - it's always full of convoys of water tankers - and there's often water lying on the surface. Maybe they just dug a little too deep.

And welcome to the community :-)

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