21 May, 2007

Another pearl from the RTA

Eng. Maitha Obaid Bin Udai is at it again, insisting that Salik will not cause congestion. Quoted in Gulf News, she states that the scheme will reduce congestion by 25% "on the toll road", and goes on to suggest that the toll will persuade people to use public transport and 'other alternatives' instead.

Which is arrant nonsense, of course. There are no alternatives, and will not be for years yet. So the 25% reduction in traffic will be achieved by displacing it to other nearby, less suitable roads, and lead to substantially greater levels of congestion there.

If you're going to reduce congestion, it must be by reducing the number of cars. Get creative! Allow car pooling. Impose tolls at specific times in order to manage traffic volumes. Invest in driver training. Educate. Build a railway. Anything but SALIK...


Anonymous said...

I dont know what I should be worried about!

1-The Worsening traffic situation


2-A women for this Job!

Someone please help!

Seabee said...

Sensible thinking isn't part of what the RTA does, nor is listening to advice. So like so many of their other decisions this will prove to be wrong, they'll dig it all up and start again. Huge unnecessary cost, huge disruption, huge time wasting.

Anonymous said...

People behind the RTA lack only one thing....A BRAIN

Anonymous said...

^^ Lets not be biased, if it wasn't about the money we will agree with this resolution.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a few posts too late but why was commenting on the post about Maitha's middle finger disabled?

flamin said...

I don't know how they couldn't have seen these issues. Salik is not the solution. If anything at all, it's only going to start more problems.

Anonymous said...

I hope a container smashes into salik sensor and gets removed for good.

Anonymous said...

that's dubai for you! doing things before thinking about it!glad 2 b leaving!

Anonymous said...

Think out of the Box!
RTA doesn't want you to use Sheikh Zayed road at MOE point, they don't want you to use Garhoud Bridge. They don't care about the money you pay or the traffic it will cause. They don't want to solve the traffic issue now.
RTA is doing a huge construction at Garhoud Bridge and Sheikh Zayed road (MOE point). Soon they have to narrow the road or maybe close it.
This is where Dubai Police comes in between. Police doesn't want to be responsible for the traffic this construction will cause. So there is an issue between police and RTA at these two specific points (MOE & Garhoud).
What can RTA do? They cannot establish a separate traffic department for handling traffic and accidents which will be there because of construction.
They cannot force you to use other route. RTA CAN NOT admit that Dubai roads are unable to handle such traffic.
Road toll is a clean way, a wise method. You don't even know why they are doing it. You think they want to make money. You don’t know. It’s just because they cannot be honest with you. They don’t tell you an alternative way because it will bring another responsibility. You have to find your own way. Today Jumeirah, tomorrow Al Wasl, day after tomorrow rent another flat in Marina (For people in DIC/DMC/KV/Jebel Ali).

hut said...

You cannot fault the lady's logic, though.
The traffic on the toll road will be reduced, and people will use alternative routes.
such as Al Wasl Road or Beach Road.
(Until some bigwigs who live there flex the wasta muscle)

Anonymous said...

Wonder what happens when construction start at interchange 1 bridge and Dubai creek invade SZR close to Safa Park - Of course toll will be exempted, when passing through this section - you'll be credited AED 1, every time you cross this section !!

Dubai Jazz said...

Wonder what happens when construction start at interchange 1 bridge and Dubai creek invade SZR close to Safa Park
Exactly my thoughts. I am bracing my self for horrific commuting time once it's the full-swing construction on interchange #1 (a.k.a. Civil defense circle ), and the diversions that will ensue...

Anonymous said...

I Said:

Someone please help!

Anonymous said...

How about we replace cars with Horses???

but the only problem with my idea is the poo!

because if the horses poo on shzr than its gonna be a big problem.

There is always some problem or the other!

Anonymous said...

I think they should SZR into peaces and turn it into a huge artifical pond....then we can all commute on ferries and jetskis.....that should do the job....with the mess they are making of our beloved city where our ancestors lived in peace I wont be suprised if something worse then salik comes up

Anonymous said...

This is just the shape of things to come. A metro jam! not hard to imagine.

Anonymous said...

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