09 May, 2007

Modern Wonder Bread

Let me share this wonder bread with the entire community.
An hour back, at about 9pm Dubai time, I bought a bread from Modern Bakery in Karama. The production date is 10th May 2007. Talk about Dubai being ahead of time.


Anonymous said...
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ArO said...

What bakery/make is that bread?
Anyone knows of a hotline where such abuses can be reported?
What if there was no real control and they were doing the same thing for meat and poultry..

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

balushi..i guess you are the local sponser of this joint??

Anonymous said...
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Audacity said...

I don't see how post-dated expiry dates are such a big issue with people.

The expiry dates are kept such that the item stays fresh beyond the best-by date. It does not mean that the item expires and instant death occurs if you eat it seconds afterwards.

Grow up people.

ArO said...

what a wonderful place to be.. so many smart A** all around.
Or is it just desperate pathetic attempts at drawing attention?.. not enough mommy love and milk when we were babies..? Poor lil thing..
No wonder you ended up fake :-p
To Audacity:
The problem is not with the bread only. I am sure you happened to buy some chicken or meat and find it unfit for consumption, even though the dates were still good. As consumers we better be strict about those things.

Anonymous said...
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B.D. said...

Thanks, Sans, for that perfectly valid revelation. For those who apparently can't make sense of English the point is that the production date is inaccurate, regardless of when it gets placed on shelves. That date should represent what it says not when it's going to hit the shelves. This post is simply about consumer education. Get educated people.

CG said...

Well guess what Spinneys do with Mr Kipling cakes when they expire? They take them out of the boxes and sell them individually on their own cake counter. So next time you see some cupcakes with cracked/dried-up icing on them...you can be sure about where they came from.

Nader said...

"this is by far the most useless and pointless thread ever posted on this useless and pointless Blog!" Quote of the Day!, you have just made up my day Balushi

Harsha said...

As far as I know dairy and juices when produced, print a production date of a day later because it takes a day for the goods to reach the supermarkets from wherever they are made.

Probably the same goes with Bakery?

But this one is wierd.. cuz I know myself that Modern Bakery delivers in the early mornings..

Anonymous said...

I can only recommend the fresh baked iranian/pakistani bread which costs 0.75 fils a piece, it is delicious and made right in front of you.

Why is it so difficutl to find decent bread in UAE?

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