24 May, 2007

Drive to save six-year-old boy with leukaemia

Every day, six-year old Erriszel Cortez prays that he can go to Italy and be healed, something that seems out of reach due to the financial cost.

But this Friday, that prayer comes closer to becoming a reality with a charity motorcade organised by a Filipino motorsports club, along with the support of the Filipino community and Philippine Consulate General.

read more at Gulfnews By Nina Muslim, Staff Reporter

For more information regarding the Motor parade on friday click here

or To register and for more details please call 050-2599579


Anonymous said...

why italy??why not india???

Blogger said...
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Blogger said...
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secretdubai said...

I know a guy from Pakistan who needed a bone marrow transplant. His brother was a suitable match for the donor.

They wanted to do the operation in India where it would have cost around £8,000. However India refused to give them visas, because they were from Pakistan.

So they had to raise even more money and go to the UK, where it cost £32,000.

Anonymous said...

why were the comments deleted?

Anonymous said...
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