07 May, 2007

UConn-Dubai planned shelved

Following up on "State lawmaker questions UConn's Dubai plan" from January, today's Gulf News reports that UConn has now "shelved" its plan to open a campus in Dubai.

Interestingly, this newspaper in Connecticut reported that the plan was shelved back in February, so I'm not sure why it is being reported only now here. For that matter, a search of the Gulf News archives seems to indicate that it never reported on the original plan to open the campus either.

The article quotes some UAE academics who blame the move on ignorance and "double standards ... 'motivated by anti-Arab racism'". (Another Gulf News article today quotes James Zogby to similar effect.) The double standards charge seems fair to me. Whether racism is the motivation for it is a matter of opinion, but it may be so.

However, I don't understand the ignorance charge, since the objections that the opponents of the plan raised do not seem to be in dispute. (e.g. Israelis not being allowed to enter the UAE.)

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