25 May, 2007

Gulf News chooses my blog, www.coloman.blogspot.com as one of the BEST IN THE WORLD

What a surprise I didn’t even know that my blog was chosen as one of the best blogs in the UAE/Region/The World until 4 days later when I am checking my web statistic and how do people visit my blog when I notice that I am getting several hits being directed from Gulf News.

Interestingly, they edited some of my blog…. But it’s OK since they made my day voting my blog one of the BEST IN THE WORLD.

Blogosphere: May 21, 2007
05/21/2007 06:52 PM Gulf News web report

The Gulf News Web team delve daily into the blogosphere to bring you the best of blogging in the UAE, the region and even the world
Why don’t you… So here I am in Dubai airport heading to Oman on Friday and I suddenly pass by a man and woman who are walking while I use the automatic walk way. I look back again and tell myself, that’s ‘Jermaine Jackson” so I take few seconds to stare and then build up the courage to ask and he reply’s “yes’ with a smile. Wow, this man used to be in one of the biggest selling and best known bands in the world, The Jackson Five. Women used to go crazy over him. His brother Michael Jackson is the best selling artist of all times while his sister Janet Jackson is also one of the best selling female artists in the music industry. Here he is walking in major international airport and not a single person recognizes him, except me. He seemed happy that a fans still remembered him. http://www.coloman.blogspot.com/


Magnus Nystedt said...

Congratulations! And I'm glad Gulf News illustrates blogging with a photo of a Mac :-)

B.D. said...

Congrats, but to pour a little water on your celebration your blog isn't one of the best in the world! Gulf News has not carried out any kind of survey, poll or study to determine the best blogs in the world. They just select a sampling of what they are calling the "best on the web" which is sort of editorial speak for something which is little more than a random sampling. Come back down to earth, please.

ColOman said...


Why you a blogger hater???

Its OK buddy, at least they selected my site and that is good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Strange.......visitors are quite a few.....but CONGRATS!

Elle said...

Please can you tell me, a non teckie person how to check traffic to my blog. All sounds very interesting, would love to know who's reading mine and from where.

ColOman said...


you need to have a statistc feed similar to the one I have on the bottom right side with the graph

Magnus Nystedt said...

Elle, check out http://www.google.com/analytics/

Anonymous said...


Dubai Jazz said...

Mabrook, 'one of the best in the world' is a bit of an overstatement though! but nonetheless the post they quoted was fun and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Coloman: regardless of the post about Jackson, I must say your blog is among the best I've visited. The photographs are simply splendid, especially from an artistic point of view. And you seem to have been everywhere. I came across your blog sometime last year and am more than impressed. Mabrook and well done.

RuLeS: To LiVe YoUr LiFe said...

great going dude ... :)

ColOman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ColOman said...

Thanks its really a badge to have someone I don't know say such kind words.



Dubai Jazz,

Thanks.... You are from Dubai and overstatement is something in Dubai's culture. So look at it this way, I am adapting to the culture.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You blog is great ColOman, and one of the blogs that was even listed in Balushi's blog. Keep it up!

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