28 May, 2007

Say NO to the RTA

When the RTA came up with the Metro, I was ecstatic. Finally, a way to rid myself of driving all over the city. Then the plans for the toll came along and it hit me! The RTA are going to charge me when I park my car and are going to charge me when I drive it. This is fine, but here is the problem. The RTA is unable to provide me with adequate parking space. They are also unable to provide me with adequate driving space. Unbelievable! So they want to charge me when they are unable to provide me with a service! That's new to me.

All this got me into thinking: how do I get my point to the RTA – charging me for services not rendered is not acceptable? I came up with what I believe is a brilliant idea. I would like to organize a “Say NO to the RTA” campaign that begins by attacking the unjust parking meters in residential areas. If we can get people to mobilize to ensure that not a single car gets a parking ticket (this obviously requires volunteering time and money), then we would surely inflict some serious losses on the RTA. This is simply done by buying parking tickets for any car that doesn't have one (or has an expired ticket). If this is done across all of Dubai, it should hurt RTA's swelling purse. Maybe this would get part of the point across.

Maybe not. Is it worth pursuing? Is it even legal? Or can the RTA take a hint?


samuraisam said...

sounds illegal.

Anonymous said...

Any lawyers here? This is rather curious.

secretdubai said...

A year or so back, there were a spate of cases where parking inspectors handed out tickets even though people had valid ones displayed in their cars. The inspectors were either stupid, lazy or corrupt.

But when challenged, their argument was that "once a ticket has been written, it cannot be unwritten" (unless Uncle's a sheikh, obviously). Someone even took them to court and still lost, despite having proof of committing no offence.

So that's what they'd do if they had to.

samuraisam said...

also, what you're proposing is that we all give them more money; if everyone has a ticket, they really won't give a shit, because it means everyone has paid them a bajillion dollars.

Dubai Media Observer said...


I don't think so. 1 dhs. vs. 150 dhs per car is not giving them more money. If the car has already been parked, it has a potential of 1dhs up to 200dhs (paid ticket, overstayed, no parking ticket, etc.). So, what is being proposed is to effectively put a cap on the potential by making sure that all legally parked car never pay over 1dhs per hour. Of course the cars that are not parked legally have to fend for themselves as you can do very little about that.

Anonymous said...

You mean to say 'mass boycot' ....

Anonymous said...

If Dubai only takes and doesn't give much, why are we in Dubai?

Anonymous said...

wacky, I don't think a boycott is being called for here. I actually like the idea. It means that we have to be be nice to our neighbors and make sure that they pay what is due to the RTA. This means you are helping your neighbor avoid paying parking fines.

Imagine everyone does that.

A large portion (if not most of it) of the RTA's revenue comes from those fines. Most of us in Dubai find it unjust. I know I don't really understand why there are parking meters in residential areas... but this is their country, so they are free to make the rules. However, if we can help each other out by making it unprofitable to hire people to write tickets and operate the parking meters, then it would make the RTA re-consider its strategy.

I think it's brilliant (but hard to actually implement).

Anonymous said...

Kind of like the invention of the AA (Automobile Association) in the UK over a century ago. That was formed specifically to avoid penalties for going faster than walking speed. This was achieved by members holding a red flag ahead of the area where penalties were to be applied.

In this context, volunteers would be roaming around ahead of the inspectors, plonking valid tickets on the wipers of offending motorists. Wicked but hard to implement.

Harks back to Gandhis non violent protests too....

jummy bear said...

DMO yours is a brilliant idea. I'm all for it.

Another suggestion: Whenever I buy a ticket and don't stay long enough to utilize the ticket for the entire duration, I always make sure to give my ticket to a new arrival (if I can spot one without too much trouble ofcourse). I've seen other people do this too. Save every dirham I say!!!

What exquisite charity this!

John B. Chilton said...

Assume 5 bags of ice.

Assume 5 beer drinkers with hot beer and 5 mothers with perishable baby food.

Assume the mothers value the ice more than the beer drinkers.

Assume beer drinkers run faster than mothers.

Assume ice is given away free.

Now suppose we charge for ice.

Anonymous said...

@ jbc
30 May, 2007 15:37

Too many assumption.
Fact is, here beer guzzlers on the road will be in the slammer.
Secondly, never heard of beer guzzlers being quick movers.
Do you really think people who can afford to drink beer will not have cash for the ice (parking)? In present situation (inflation) It will be the mother will come up short on cash. Don't really know your agenda mate but no amount of spin you put on it will work. Fact are facts!

Anonymous said...

I was reading the Salik article yesterday and basically everyone has to pay 50dhs to join the Salik scheme and they estimate 600,000 cars will sign up so that's 30,000,000 dhs profit straight away...yes 30 million dhirams!! Amazing!

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