04 May, 2007

what is the attraction of the UAE

I would like to ask any of you residents of the UAE, who recently arrived, what aspect of the UAE was attractive enough(excluding the tax free factor) for you to move out here?

lets here it from the horses mouth......


Anonymous said...

Peanut butter
Camel milk
Driving style
3am women at work

Anonymous said...

No (hidden) taxes
Pay and go free
Pay for everything
Indoor skiing
Sky view at IBM
Cities & villages within a city
Gaudy monstrosity

ArO said...
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ArO said...

Don't be put off by the eternal cynicals, pessimists, negativists and miscellaneous Xists that roam this blog. Some did have bad experiences, really, but many are just jealous.
UAE is far from being the perfect place for everyone in everything, there is no such place on this side of the Galaxy I am afraid. Yet..
Security, that's one major thing I like about this place.
My advice to a new expat here: learn the local rules quickly, know what to expect and what not to expect and never, ever, forget that you're just a guest here.

P.S: a quick search on the web would reveal that I, too, did my share of bitching about the place. mea culpa.

Neil Partrick said...

good, cheap shwarma in edible portions; the creek; good cheap south asian food; relative anonymity; exciting cab rides....

Anonymous said...

The fact that you can find hookers EVERYWHERE. No other place on earth has this great aspect only Dubai, yes people not even in Amsterdam. God is indeed Great in Dubai! Alhamdilla

Anonymous said...

traffic festivals all day and night
2mb BLAZING internet
15dh burgers
hidden road cameras
nissan sunny's
and their owners
cheap tea and coffee at jumeirah

however the no 1 ATTRACTION
dhm pegged to the dollar

now beat that

Anonymous said...

nothing really. just 1 big building site.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dubai provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs that no other city in the Arab world does. You can come in, and do your thing.

It's a tough life, which makes success in it that much sweeter.

That's what I like about Dubai.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

anon 04:01
you'tr deranged!

Arso said...

yep, for real.

Anonymous said...

What I really enjoy about Dubai ?

Wreckless/Drunk drivers that hit and run
fake CID people
illegal taxi drivers
smokers behind wheels
free flashes at 120kph
custom duty ? you can just say tax and get it over with
uae community admins (internet super heros)
capri sonne

rosh said...

LE - think your post attracted the worst losers and possibly every reject out there to post a comment.

I've had several new folks who've moved into the UAE the past 3 years or so - say honest facts about this place. Of course not all is perfect - and yes this is not a "developed" or a "first world" nation. I mean the UAE hasn't plundered and robbed other nations for centuries - and oh they haven't sold WMD's to the entire world to keep the economy going - so on and so forth.

It is a GROWING country - still an infant when compared to rest of the nations. Give it time! Not everything can be done - yesterday! How many of your home nations at age 35 was developed or in the process of development like the UAE????

I think for the most part - honest and constructive criticism is welcome - however most of the anon comments are nothing but bags of vile BS. If you don't like it people, get the f*** out - no one's gonna stop you!

Anonymous said...

exactly Rosh , i wish everyone who hates UAE goes home , by the way i am not from the UAE , i just love the place , i visit Dubai once a year and i am very impressed with what it has to offer for tourist

B.D. said...

I like it here... but this question was directed at newbies. It is a shame that this questions gets answered by the usual complaints of traffic, bad drivers and other sarcastic remarks.

Anonymous said...

Rosh, chill out dude! Just because some commentators have written negatively doesn't mean they love to hate the UAE. It is what it is and if anyone thinks otherwise, then they are in a way, living in total denial.

I have lived here more than a while and I tell you, what is 'now' is just a flip side of a coin on what was.

At the rate or way things are progressing, what will be remains to be seen! The anon comments are just a caution flag or as they say ‘preview of upcoming attractions’.

No offense intended to you.

Anonymous said...

I searched for 18 years but found that the each benefit was countered with a greater disadvantage.
Finally, I've run away with my hands over my head.

Life has been better since

Anonymous said...

If you don't like it people, get the f*** out - no one's gonna stop you!

Rosh, it's also not your call or anybody else's to say the above, it's the UAE Government's call and so far, they're open to healthy criticism. So, unless you or anybody here has been appointed spokesman on behalf of the UAE Government, please refrain from making such a call. Thank you.

LocalExpat said...


I was just trying to understand peoples motives for moving out here... But once again the take it as a UAE bashing contest..

I give up... one more stupid comment and im gonna delete what could have been a very informative entry!!

Anonymous said...

Ok I try:
I lived in Dubai from '95 to '99. I was young, it was hot and it was a bit boring after a while. (and it took me twenty minutes from Deira to SZR Interchange 2 in the mornings, HA!)
So I went to London. Had a blast of a time. Even as a foreigner (EU citizen) I could cast my vote in the local council elections!
Got married, bought a house, spent sixty weekends doing DIY, had a kid. Nursery fees- okaaay a bit steep but do-able. Next kid: forget it. School fees for year 1: 6,000 pounds x 2 kids, plus mortgage, plus, plus, plus.
So guess what. We loved our life in London but we just could not give our kids the safe environment and a good education, and their own bedrooms.
So we came back to Dubai, where we miss a lot about Europe but the kids thrive, and this, my singleton friends out there, for a parent is alone worth a helluvalot hassle.

Anonymous said...

'We loved our life in London but we just could not give our kids the safe environment'

Hope this safe environment trend continues here!

Anonymous said...

uae is jallaf

secretdubai said...

The impression I get from people that contact me with questions is that people are interested in:

- tax-free salaries
- glitz and glamour of Dubai
- weather/beach/shopping
- fast-pace, growing industry

I think that people are starting to realise that with the weak dollar and cost of living, this is not a place to make money any more.

The awkward thing for me is having to explain to people in certain professions that there is no point them coming here because they're "boys-in-blue" jobs. In the UK a plumber can earn a fortune, and a brickie a good wage. Here, you'd be lucky to get a bedshare in Al Quoz and save more than Dh400 a month.

Then the other awkward thing is having to explain to people the kind of discrimination they will face, particularly if they are not "white" Europeans.

I think for young singles and some families, this is still quite a liveable place. But it certainly isn't the kind of expat haven it was a decade ago.

Anonymous said...

SD you are right in many ways. First off you can make a better living as a taxi driver in the US than an engineer in Dubai. 2nd Dubia is not as safe as it once was. The streets are not safe, people drive like they are drunk. Dubai overall is somewhat like Vegas you can have fun if your single with a good paying job. However, it is no place for a family. For a wife and to bring up children. Saddly to say that the US has better morals, and areas to bring up children than Dubai would ever have. and the future of Dubai is not so bright.Don't get me wrong I love this place, but its not as humble as it once was, and the future is not looking up for it either.

Anonymous said...

I always hate people who say 'if life was so good in your home country you wouldn't be here'

Nonsense - life is good in my home country - but I like to travel. The world is there to be seen.

I came here for cash and an experience, now I'm here for cash. When that avenue ends I'll do something more noble.

Right now my conscience is switched off. The UAE is not a terrible place, but also it is not as amazing as the PR machine tells you day after day.

For materialistic lifestyle its great (other than rent) for most other things its not so good.

Female Chauvinistic Pig said...

few thoughts of a siberian expat

1. No snow
2. No snow storms
3. Temperature never drops below zero
4. no floods (what you see here after rains are NOT floods, but innocent pools)

Anonymous said...


Just thought that i would add my 2 cents worth to the discussion. I love living in Dubai and moved here after visiting several times. Prior to Dubai, i lived in Europe for a while (Paris - to be exact)and in South Africa and i can safely say that Dubai offers young single professionals a fabulous life (if they are decently paid)!!!

I am so tired of hearing that Dubai is such a horrible place - it isn't. It is just experiencing problems that all growing cities face, the good thing is that the people in charge are doing something to improve the situation (new bridges and the metro).

Lets give credit where credit is due. Dubai is a vibrant growing city and I for one would not move anywhere else.

rosh said...

"First off you can make a better living as a taxi driver in the US than an engineer in Dubai."

I know a cabbie in New York City. I also know what my brother, an construction engineer makes in Dubai - there is just no comparison. It's amazing people make such sweeping comparisons with little credibility to facts?

I believe the blog question was -"aspect of the UAE was attractive enough" - not Dubai - Dubai does not make the entire UAE. Sure it's where the jobs and booming economy is - but if you seek suburbia lifestyle, perhaps Sharjah, Ajman and even UAQ provide much calm, safety and serenity. Yes it's hard on the traffic aspect, but then so is it in most nations when people commute from suburbs to the city.

Anon 05 May, 2007 15:26 - it wasn't an order - just my sincere advice to anons who wouldn't be able to tell a good thing if it hit them between the eyes.

I'd be the first to stand up and say the issues this country has. But to try and pull down something with no intention of constructive critisicm is wrong.

Here are a few comments I've heard from folks who've moved into the UAE past 3-4 years or so (LE - pardon, I realize this chat is intended for newer folks)

-safety - in almost all aspects
-neat malls
-amazing food
-awesome roads highways - given these are built tax free (no the recent toll does not count)
-beaches and hotels
-for the most part, tax free monies
-for the most part larger apartments and homes
-affordable living

Not every soul moving into the UAE (or to any other country) would have the best in every aspect of lifestyle and career. Some just have it better - whilst for some it takes a little longer so hang in there, the ride will get better.

Anonymous said...

To benchmark UAE and especially Dubai, one has to live or visit neighbouring countries, spare Bahrain and to an extent Oman. For those coming to UAE straight from US or Europe, will not appreciate the 'freedom' or lifestyle we enjoy in UAE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess it also depends on what you are searching for. You will not find an enormously enriching cultural experience here.

I think people would be happier to put up with the growing pains if it weren't for the fact that you are told constantly Dubai is perfect, and you aren't allowed to disagree in public.

That kind of creates a polarisaed mentality where on the one hand you have some UAE nationals blindly praising everything their leaders do and criticising all expats who dare to disagree.

And on the other extreme, you have expats who blindly criticise everything Emirati and rarely give praise.

Anonymous said...

It's a safer place to live than most other places, wonderful sunny days (yes its hot.. but ACs r everywhere and at least u wont suffer SAD here)
the beach, the relaxed lifestyle, interesting things to do, and cheaper lifestyle (this was when I first moved here.. its getting ridiculous though)
It's all about what u make of it. U can look at the negatives, but then ull miss out on so much else the city has to offer.

Anonymous said...

I love Dubai! Its a wonderful city full of life. Every placec on earth has its ups and downs, pros and cons. I'd rather put up with the hot weather in Dubai over 6+month of heavy snow and below zero weather in the US anytime. So what Dubai is a little expensive but where on earth is it cheap to live today? And 2nd gas prices in the US are hell, living is expensive, and you do not get any vacation time. So Dubai I will always love.

Anonymous said...

It seems from the responses that the good things about Dubai are all material. I think that would be pretty accurate.

That makes some people happy, and some people prefer to live somewhere with soul and stimulation. C'est la vie. Not everybody wants the same things from life.

Anonymous said...

it's backwards.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for the person who left Paris to live in Dubai.Please don't compare Paris its one of the most amazing cities in the world. Maybe you were not up to the standards of such places thats why you left. I am sure if someone can afford to live in Paris or Europe they will never think of leaving. The fees paid in Dubai are much higher in costs than the taxes paid else where. At least you get something in return for the taxes you pay.After a while you will get to know how uneconomical it is living in Dubai. For the people who will say "if you don't like it leave" thats exactly whats happening.

B.D. said...

I've lived in four rather diverse countries--the USA, Japan, Sri Lanka and the UAE.

All have there plusses:

USA - freedom, prosperity
Japan - culture, safety
Sri Lanka - nature, people
UAE (esp. Dubai) - excitement, modernity

And their minuses:

USA - crime, taxes
Japan - comformity
Sri Lanka - war, poverty
UAE - social inequality

That, for me, is a brief comparison highlighting the larger issues. That being said, I'm happy and satisfied in the UAE and plan to stay. I don't even care to list traffic and high-prices as negatives in the UAE as these are largely relative and transitional issues.

Anonymous said...

uae is rally backwards! england 4ever!

Expated in Dubai said...

1- Freedom
2- Freeeeeedooom
3- You guessed it, freeeeeeeedddooooooom. If you're hearing Mel Gibson screaming in the back of your head, then we're on the same page :)

Anonymous said...

freedom?in this place? r u deranged? freedom from what? no freedom here,mate!

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