07 May, 2007

Statutory Rape?

Youngster acquitted of raping schoolgirl for lack of evidence

I realize lawyers are universally scumbags, but it seems defense lawyers in the UAE are the cream of the crop. While the article doesn’t state it, how can “consensual” sex of a 22-year-old guy with an 11-year-old girl be consensual? Are there no laws on statutory rape and sex with minors in the UAE? If not, that’s scary.

Who cares if the girl lied, if the guy had sex with her, he is guilty! Period! And now, thanks to his astute legal team, he is out wandering the streets potentially picking-up other 11 year old girls….


Anonymous said...

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Sex and Dubai said...

Pedophilia at it's best.

Anonymous said...

I think this sort of thing is condoned by a certain book.

Mme Cyn said...

Since when is a 22 year old man a "YOUNGSTER"??

And "abandoning her parents' home" could just as easily mean she left home without an escort as running away. And since when can an 11 year old girl consent to anything?? Why do they villianize the victim?

Sometimes I just don't get this place.

Nader said...

Wait, the article doesn't make sense.

I don't either get this place!!

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