07 May, 2007

A largest pearl to be auctioned in Abu Dhabi

I'm not sure if this has been posted already

And some more information is here

Isn't she beautiful? I did not know that pearls can live THAT long.


Kiwi Boy said...

Pearls don't live.. they're non-living things! It's like saying 'Oh, I didn't know that gold bangle could live so long!'

Maybe you got them confused with oysters, the mollusk that makes pearls?

Female Chauvinistic Pig said...

There is almost autistic quality in some people to perceive every written word literally.
Or is it just nit-picking?

Anonymous said...

Anyone paying 8 million bucks for this thing is out of their mind. For 8 mill, I'd buy me-self a small island in the Pacific & live like a king.

Beautiful? not!

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