09 May, 2007

'Moral Censorship' and More...

Hi All:
I came across this post today which I found interesting. It touches down on 'moral censorship' issues in the ME. Here is a quote from the post:

"But I would never give up my right of parenthood and ask the
government to take over the responsibility of raising up my kids. It is my duty
as a parent to supervise and guide them as far as what they watch, hear and
read. I do not need a public servant to decide for me which particular Internet
site is offensive and which one is acceptable. If I have succeeded in my role of
bringing them in touch with their own conscience then I have nothing to fear.
Let them surf and sail every which way their untethered minds take them. They
have nothing to fear."

I may disagree with the writer of this post on certain issues, but it is nevertheless a well-wroth read.


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Anonymous said...

Being a foreigner divorced mother of a local kid, I find the statement a bit naive............wish to have the choice.
From my own experience of a survivor trough many civil, criminal and Sharia cases in Dubai and Abu Dhabi regarding custody and alimony, can tell that when it comes to the courts and the lawyers, one doesn't always have a choice. It is not what you wish or what you like...it is what they will impose on you!!!
If you have money and can convince a good lawyer to present you, definitely makes a difference, but all together is waist of life.

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