20 May, 2007

Dubai Road Traffic and Accident a Big Chaos

Already posted this in my blog dubaibase but I want to share it in UAE community blog.
This was all about an Illustration of dubai road from where all the traffic jam got started every day.
This is only my interpretations on how they constructed all the connecting roads tunnel and bridges here in Dubai.
Since as of today they are now doing something to elliminates all this Bottle Neck Road.

My first Illustration from Shindagha Tunnel

As illustrated all lanes going to the tunnel are from 4 lanes decreasing into 2 lanes so the result of this traffic...


Anonymous said...

Nice... am guessing you don't work at the RTA :D

If you did you would never draw all this... critical thinking is discouraged at the RTA at the pain of deportation.

Case in point here
Sorry too lazy to find the 7dogs.ae link

B.D. said...

Good work. It's one thing when multiple lanes dwindle to fewer but the Deira approach to Maktoum Bridge is sheer madness, as your illustration so aplty shows. My feeling is that RTA is doing better on the newer interchanges, like the new Dubai Marina No. 5. Newbies may have trouble figuring out what goes where, but it seems that the interchange is designed to feed people into the appropriate exit rather than making it a free for all.

You might want to sell your drawings to the Dubai Explorer publishers. It would be great to have that included in a book for every major interchange.

Anonymous said...

Could this have anything to do with a certain subliminal message sent out by Engg. M

Anonymous said...

The tunnel was constructed in 1974, which was an engineering marvel at that time, meeting the immediate requirement for another crossing of Dubai creek. Later on the roads were widened, and it had become a mis-match & bottleneck ! Have you noticed some big construction about to happen at old MMI loacation and on the opp side at Shindaga - is this another tunnel under construction ??

Tajwali Khan said...

RTA released some interesting statistics two days ago.

Gulnews has report on these. I have my own interpretation, Do read it.


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