16 May, 2007

Abu Dhabi Mosques Go High Tech

Mosques in Abu Dhabi emirate will go high-tech with the introduction of an electronic network system, the National Consultative Council (NCC) was informed yesterday.

The implementation of the network system, which include electronic screens displaying prayer and prayer call (Azan) timings, titles of Friday sermons and Islamic lectures held at various places in the emirate, is currently under way, a NCC committee said in a report.

The report was prepared in consultation with the General Authority of Islamic and Awqaf Affairs.

The authority will also introduce MP3 devices for recording Friday sermons and lectures, as well as store them in electronic archives which will be available on the internet.

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Magnus Nystedt said...

A bit off topic I know, but is there a mosque in Abu Dhabi that anyone can visit, like the Jumeirah mosque in Dubai?

Anonymous said...

ya know it had 2 happen sooner or later!!

Anonymous said...

@ Emirates Mac

The Muhammad Bin Zayed Mosque in Mushrif is a good one. It's been built without any pillars and is surrounded by 3 churches. Also, there is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, outside of which lies the leader himself (may he rest in peace). It's near the Zayed Stadium and the Carrefour. I'm sure you know where it is.

Lirun said...

thats interesting.. makes me wonder how technology and islam interrelates.. some religions are not so friendly to technological advance and science as it can challenge some theological theories..

DubaiSalsa said...

Lirun ... well there is no contradiction between Islam and Science or technology .... unless this technology is jused for a destructive thing...

The first word that was sent to the prophet of Qura'an was: "Read!" ... :)

Lirun said...

hi dubaisalsa..

thank you for your reply -interesting..

what about theories of evolution vs creation.. and how evolution theory cornerstones science.. is this an issue at all..

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