17 May, 2007

Sanaiyia Fire in Al Ain

There's a large fire burning over in Sanaiya in Al Ain. Anyone have any more info or pictures?

UPDATE: More details here


Someone in Al Ain said...

my english is not so good..so i hope you will understand me..smile

they were firing the old expaired wheels..they were lots of police there..you know instead of putting them on the rubbish..they burn them..and as what i understand the police couldnt control the fire until lots of pakestani people help them..

i couldnt find any english article about that..
but here is one picture i found..


and here is a video about it..


wait 15 sec. then on the middle you will see this ( اضغط هنا لتنزيل الملف)

you press it and then download it..

i hopw this was helpful to you..

i found it on :



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, someone. I saw it too; I was approaching Al Ain from Dubai just after 5 pm, when I saw this massive black cloud over the city. I just couldn't understand how a cloud could be so dark. It was only when we were well past Al Foah that we realised it was a fire; we could see the thick smoke billowing upwards.

Amazing (now that you explain it) what they do with old tyres. I guess they figured Al Ain didn't have its fair share of pollution, so they decided to set things right in a day!

Someone in Al Ain said...


Well iam still searching why they did it..

i got no idea and even no clue..


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