03 May, 2007

Cirque Du Soleil Coming to Dubai

and on a long term basis. As a fan of there productions I was pleased to see this this tie up:

"Nakheel and Cirque du Soleil will jointly design and build a 1,800-seat theatre on The Palm Jumeirah that will be home to the first ever Cirque resident show to be staged outside of the USA and Japan. The two companies have signed an initial 15-year deal with the new show expected to open during the last quarter of 2010."

Full press release here.

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B.D. said...

Nice to hear. It is a good show and would be nice to have on a permanent basis. The one drawback to the show at Ibn Battuta was the seating. It was very uncomfortable, certainly not befitting the hundreds of dirham one had to pay for tickets--although the show itself was worth the cost. The article talks about the high-tech tent--it was hi-tech as far as the performances went but very low-tech, low-comfort as far as the seating went. A permanent hall should fix that problem.

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