17 May, 2007

Eviction - no exception for single women!

According to Khaleej Times:

"Single women say they are hit equally hard by the Dubai Municipality's (DM) tough stance on bachelors. The DM has been strictly enforcing its decision to shift out bachelors from certain localities of the city. Housemaids and professional working women are all sailing in the same boat as landlords serve them with eviction notices."

"The rules now clearly say that no single men or women can live in residential areas like Jumeirah, Umm Suqueim or Barsha."

Read more at "Single women too face eviction threat"~ Khaleej Times

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B.D. said...

Reading the article it is clear that housing policy in Dubai is really out of sync with the reality of poeple's needs. The fact is Dubai is a city of masses of people, whether single or married, live apart from their families. It is comepletely out-of-step with realty to designate huge swathes of "family only" districts. If there were hundreds of towers located in and around the city with affordable housing, then you could restrict sigle people from other areas. But there will never be a sufficient supply of such accommodation. The current policy as stated in that article is clearly a human rights abuse issue. The policy of evicting people for such reasons is probably also illegal even by the UAE's laws.

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