01 May, 2007

UAE Pros and Cons

I came across this link somewhere (can't recall the original reference): The UAE Report. It is mostly on the critical side regarding life in the UAE, written according to accounts of some Westerners who have lived here. Whether one agrees with the conclusions or suggestions, each point made is linked to news articles and other references which add credibility to their argument. I think it is an excellent piece of critical reporting. Not sure if it is a blog or not as there is no option for commenting or contacting anyone. I think it would be good if more people chronicled their views (backed up with references) on life in the UAE, in a manner similar to this.

One very intriguing reference is to the notion of boating in the UAE. You know we have all these marinas coming up all over, heralding the life of leisure and luxury. The way things are moving it won't be just for the rich as almost anyone could book a cruise for a few hours. But the report highlights the very troubling notion that just 30 km offshore one my get picked up by Iranian partrol and jailed for months! Food for thought--excellent website.

My overall take on the report, however, is that it could have a lot more positive things to say. Even with the backed up opinions, I don't see life in the UAE nearly as negative as portrayed.

...and by the way, anyone interested had better check out the link before it gets blocked!


Anonymous said...

1st of all the UAE is considered as a 3rd world country, but compared to it's neighbours it's the best country in the region.

That site is full of whining and b***hing, behave yourself and get along with the rules/laws.

I guess the owner of that site won't get along with nobody in Singapore too.

Keef said...

Link doesn't work - 404 not found...

B.D. said...

Just checked the link from a different computer. It's working here and I'm behind all the proxies.

Beyond the whining and b***hing the site does a good job of linking its opinions to credible examples. That's what I like most about the site.

Anonymous said...

he tells it like it is! and it is NOT the best country in the region.
if u have a problem call me 050223-4007

Anonymous said...

Am I missing the point here or most of you are still too ignorant to figure out that the UAE is part of the islamic world ? which means there are restrictions.

To me it looks like some of them were caught red handed and deported.

It's funny how some people land here and act stupid and go like, but I didn't know cocaine was banned in this country.

Let's send an arab male/female to the US and I'll bet that the disdvantage list will be way too longer than the advantage.

layla from baku:
where would you recommend for an expat to move out in the ME regions, if he/she can't fit in the UAE ?

Anonymous said...

call me and i'll tell u.anon 13:03

Anonymous said...

its far away from the best as long as they don't solve the standard of living and cost issues before focusing on touristic attractions it will never be a major visit point.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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