28 May, 2007

The GCC is renamed!

It appears the Gulf Cooperative Council, or GCC, now has a new name.

Introducing the PGCC or Persian Gulf Cooperative Council.

I trust you will all update your address lists and fact books appropriately, and make all suitable corrections on your blogs.


Anonymous said...

This is nothing new. Iran has always called it the PGCC. Ever since the Arabs started calling the Persian Gulf the Arabian Gulf. It has always been the Persian Gulf. Sort of a tit for tat type of thing.

secretdubai said...

Yes - funny though. Particularly as Iran isn't even a member of the GCC.

Anonymous said...

It is insane that some people can not tolerate the reality. I would say, along with expressing my deep sorrow, as an Iranian I know that Iranians have taken this very very seriously and it is sort of rude to them. I hope there will be a day in which everyone in the region respect other nations' rights. Arab states are blamed indeed in this case. As much as I see too many similarities between Iranian culture and Gulf Arabic culture and as much as I see that UAE nationals are so kind and nice,generally speaking, this action from Arab states looks so terribly bad that it prevents people of Iran to appreciate all good things about Arabs and Arabian culture.

Anonymous said...

It's not called Iranian Gulf. Why do you blame iran?
It's called Persian because Persian empire was ruling from India to Palestine (long ago).
Even before arabs have family name this gulf was called Persian Gulf.
If you read a little history books, you will know that after Jamal abdol Nasser of egypt (who had ideaology of arabizing everything), Arabs start calling it Arabian Gulf.
Hey you, don't surprise if one day they call your country Arabian Britain or Arabian United States or Arabian Pacific ocean.
He he, don't believe me?
Do you think egyptian or syrian or sudanese were speaking in arabic before Arabs force them by sword to change their language?
Finally i don't care about its name, Gulf looks easy to say. i don't claim anything, it's just history.
But you were claiming something wrong.
I thought you, as a biggest figure in UAE blogs, have more knowledge and wisdom.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

If Iran joins hands with the GCC, there will be alot of lashing and punishing down here, nigh clubs and topless women will be on top of their list.

Anonymous said...

iranians are fools

Keef said...

I think it's about time we forced the French to call the English Channel by its proper name!

Anonymous said...


Gulf is not a name, literally It's a description only.

Geography Science is not something that Emirates Airline or Gulfnews can change it.

I don't call anybody fool nor i want to force anyone to agree on something.

I just suggest you search the internet for keywords "Gulf", "Arabian Gulf" and "Persian Gulf".
Search Dictionaries, Search Encyclopedias ...
I don't know, do you want to know the truth? find it.

* I suggest they name this gulf "Indian Gulf" as the population of indians are more than arabs on the gulf side.

Anonymous said...

We call it the Arabian Gulf because we can.

Anonymous said...

Is it really him?


BuJ said...


the GCC has nothing to do with the naming of the Gulf!

It's like changing BP to UKP or Shell to Persian Shell (it's anglo-dutch) or better still Q8 to Persian-Q8!!!

BuJ said...

anon 6:38.. nasser did not want to arabize everything.. he simply wanted to unite the arabs against the israelis.. he didn't wanna convert iranians into arabs.

Anonymous said...

To Burj,

With respect, Naser was just an illiterate and stupid fellow.

Lirun said...

whats in a name huh

its interesting though.. because the eastern prong of the red sea also has many names depending on whose map you read.. i think we should call the eastern red sea "the very read sea".. maybe you can find a nice an neutral name to yours as well :)

Anonymous said...

I love Persian Pistachio

Anonymous said...

I bet if this was coming from an Iranian/Arab the media would turn it into a terrorist story. Nobody bothers to post these kinda stuff on this community ? whitey white I guess is always innocent ?


Didn't England try to takeover almost every country + the USA ? are they better than Hitler, Japan, Israel, Iran and Saddam Hussain ? History channel concentrates way too much on Japan and Hitler and his sudden strike on Europe, but never shows anything about the hooligans and jews hmmmmmm.

Now's the time to show the dark side of the iranians and arab terrorists.

Anonymous said...

at anon 11.35, it is Him aka balushi :O

Dubai Jazz said...

@ anon 12:29
Jamal Abdul Nasser is illiterate? This is as preposterous as saying that Gandhi, for instance, was disheveled and stupid!

Apparently, you've got no idea what you are talking about…

I don’t mind calling it the Persian gulf, eventually the Iranians are dear neighbors and brothers in faith, for that us (I mean Arabs) and them, were here, and will still be here after the fleets of hegemony are long gone and forgotten….

However I think Iran should give back the three islands….but I am leaving this issue to those who are handling it….

secretdubai said...

The fact that there used to be an entity known as the "Persian Empire" doesn't mean the Gulf should be known as the Persian Gulf for all eternity. Loads of places change their names - India decided to rename half its cities.

Of course people are free to call it what they prefer, but it doesn't mean it is wrong - or rude - to call it by a different name. I prefer to call it the Arabian Gulf, since I live in an Arab country and the majority of countries in the Gulf are Arab.

La Manche/The Channel/vive la difference.

secretdubai said...

* I suggest they name this gulf "Indian Gulf" as the population of indians are more than arabs on the gulf side.

Lol yeah - why not?! Then the north part can be called the US Navian Gulf.


Anonymous said...

"Then the north part can be called the US Navian Gulf"

You have a very good imagination. I suggest you write a book about aliens coming to earth to help US Navy get out of Iraq.

secretdubai said...

You have a very good imagination. I suggest you write a book about aliens coming to earth to help US Navy get out of Iraq.

Better still, an army of fiery djinn riding abras and dhows all the way from Dubai Creek to liberate Basra.

The "Djinnian Gulf"?!

Anonymous said...

No need for abras and dhows. i think Flying carpets (Airforce) will be fine

Anonymous said...


secretdubai said...


Can. Did.

Anonymous said...

secretdubai, I'm asking again, Do i have the option to call you whatever i want? (If yes, why did u delete it)
Do you respect others feelings?
More than 70 million Persians are supporting "Persian Gulf"
And 30 million Arabs are supporting "Arabian Gulf".
Be moral, if there be an election, 70 million Persians will win.
Just think for a moment! please.

Anonymous said...

Can. Did.
if you think like this .you must be GOD!!!!!!!!!!! is it true???????

Anonymous said...

In Arab world We Call Tax as "Fees" and Interest as "Profit"

And we can call Persian Gulf whatever we like! oK! OK...

But we have one thing in Common with Persia!

And that is we both call Israel as Occupied Jerusalem!

People, Let this one common thing unite us as Brothers in Arm!


Lirun said...


so happy to be useful and unite you..


Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but secretdubai = WTH "White Trash Hater" that enjoys playing the 2face b@stard card.

Shouldn't you be worried about your terrorist neighbours - Ireland ?

She has so much hate and enjoys posting every single boring crap that she runs into on the internet(no wonder she couldn't settle down in the UK), but in reality she's just another pin head that hides behind a mask.

Change your avatar into a pig, that's what you enjoy the most at lunch and dinner.

It's you the dirty type that gives England a bad name, no wonder why you can't respect your own Queen, you're so full of yourself.

Your time will come too, it's only a matter of time till you screw up and get deported.


Emirati said...

To the Drama Queen Persians.

Once you give us back our Islands, we will call the Gulf whatever you want it to be called.

This will also happen when you apologize for the slaughtering of a dozen Sharjah policemen at the hands of the sensitive persian invasion forces in 1971.

You must also apologize for the rig massacre of 86, when you bombed the oil rig of a neutral country killing many oil workers on board.

Murdering fucking hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

You want a country with a population of 80million to tell you (under 1million that can't fight back to protect it's own country) sorry ?

We are weak and not prepared to fight anyone and this is a FACT!

Go wear your head gear, start your engine and prepare to find some chicks on the streets to show off your stupid way of driving and ending up in the pole.

Fools like you should be banned from the internet for good, you remind me of that dumb ass saif almuhairbi back in Sept 2001 when we were in Boston and how he started threatening the employees in the bank if they didn't give him a loan, mr. donkey thought he was back home and he can pull it off as usual. (FBi took care of him)

Never say WE/US, you don't represent this country, the only thing you're good at is talking gibberish, when coming back to reality I'm sure you're the first one to fly out of here if any country declares war on the GCC.

Emirati said...


No one talked about war. I was saying that Iran has a history of violence and hypocricy.

If you are an emirati youre being pretty emotional when it comes to Iran. Perhaps you have family there or you have a physical attraction to that monkey ahmedinjad.

I am not the Emirati your ignorance supposes me to be.

Re: Protecting the country in war, what kind of man would not do that ?

Emirati said...

Once more,

The Gulf is Arabian until the 3 Islands are Emirati and there is an official apology for the Abu Musa Massacre.

Anonymous said...

"If you are an emirati youre being pretty emotional when it comes to Iran. Perhaps you have family there or you have a physical attraction to that monkey ahmedinjad"

Sad and often true. There are some who claim to be Emiratis but heart of hearts swear allegiances to Iran, hypocrites.

Unlike the anons, Emirati stands up for his country & is clear where his allegiances lie. I agree with all he has said.

Anonymous said...

Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez don't make me laugh, most of the emirati wanna-be's are immigrants from Iranian Islands/baluchistan/Yemen/Pakistan and you know the rest.

When did you get your pass ? 20yrs ? 30yrs ? do you have any proof that your ancestors were born here in the year xxxx ?

Do you want to tell us how many emirati's are originally emirati's from the UAE(it's under 5%) ? you can skip this question if you feel offended.

You can't repair your car, let alone going to war.

I'm not emotional at all, Iran CAN/WILL wipe out the GCC in few seconds if they wanted to. I have no releatives in Iran at all, they left that country long time ago before the revolution. And I'm proud to say that am 1/2 Iranian and 1/2 Emirati and have been always loyal to this country since my ancestors came here in the year 1901.

It's the Persian Gulf on the world map and Arabian Gulf in GCC countries.


I don't have anything to gain, but talking smack like you do is something I'm not good at.

The only country that can make Iran apologize is the USA, unless you're too stupid to figure it out that we're a 3rd world country.

Grow up and see if you can handle this summers heat without an Air Condition.

Anony 13:35
Don't be a nut swinger, it won't help you be a better person in emirati's eyes.

Anonymous said...

hey emaratis thoughts!!!

Persian were ruling this palnet! and at that time you were laying under a camel drinking its pee mistaking it for milk! - Bcoz you didnt knew the difference!

To be frank!

I hate them persian mullahs! I hate whatever they stands for...

But the reason I will stand up for them is bcoz they are standing up against Israel!

Emirati said...


There is nothing wrong with Immigrating here. I am proud of the fact that this is a nation of immigrants. The problem is when you see the home country to be Iran rather than the UAE.

I have

'I'm not emotional at all, Iran CAN/WILL wipe out the GCC in few seconds if they wanted to. '

Friend, the UAE and Saudi arabia financed the pakistani nuclear program. Do you think that happened for free ?

Youre ignorant of all things military. Dont open your mouth if shit is going to come out of it.

We will fry your lover monkey-boy Ahmedinjad if he tries anything remotely like an attack with WMDs.

'I'm proud to say that am 1/2 Iranian and 1/2 Emirati and have been always loyal to this country since my ancestors came here in the year 1901.'

I have many friends who have foreign mothers and emirati fathers. If you claim to be emirati you should be emirati. No such thing as half and half when it comes to being a person with loyalties and interests. There isnt a line running through that thick skull of yours.

The Gulf will Remain arabian you traitorous bastard/bitch.

Go back to your country of origin if you dare to ever. I hate the government ehre, i hate many emiratis, I hate our society, but there is no doubt in my mind that if the time comes, I would fight for this country.

And hey, stop with the Ahmedinjad ass-kissing before you criticize someone like 13.35, at least he stands up for his country, unlike you, who are simply a parasite coward who doesnt have the balls to give up the citizenship of the country he betrays and would rather be a political bitch.

Anonymous said...

fake balushi


Anonymous said...

Fast Forward>>>>

The Middle East belongs to Israel and that's final

Anonymous said...

What do you people call this dance ?


BuJ said...

Emirati.. as much as i admire your position and support it, i don't think it's wise to waste time on people here who comment for the sake of racist hatred and not anything else.

I for one have been brought up by the shores of the Arabian Gulf, but I realise that most of the world (except the Arabs) call it the Persian Gulf.

At the end of the day, calling it this or that will not change the fact that it's a Gulf, and that it borders both Arabia and Iran.

Finally, who cares what people think. I would like to ask the fish in the Gulf if they consider themselves Arabian or Persian (now called Iranian).

Honestly, who cares!!! Until you can get the fish to talk, I have better things to do.

Anonymous said...

If you ask me; I would say lets even change the name of Antartica to Arabian Gulf!

Whos with me?

Anonymous said...

Persian Cats eat them Arabian fish!

Anonymous said...

"No such thing as half and half when it comes to being a person with loyalties and interests."

emirati you make us proud. perhaps there may not be many who are true to this young and small country which has given you, I and our parents so much in life. your words inspire me to the core.

Lirun said...

jonno - you say the whole middle east belongs to israel?!

wow.. not sure we want it so badly.. but umm thanks .. i guess..

Anonymous said...
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samuraisam said...

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