12 December, 2005

Auto Webpage Translation

Do you (bloggers) want your blogs to be readible to speakers of a variety languages with a single mouse click--say, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, etc.? It can be done simply by pasting a bit of html in your blog's template. I've tried it--it looks and works great. (Have a look!) I'm not hawking anything. This html script can be picked up for free here. Who's the administrator of this blog? Secretdubai? Would you want to add that html here? It even gets the webpage to come up in searches done in the other language. Regrettably there's no English to Arabic function. If anyone knows where to get a similar tool (free that is) for Arabic, please let us know.


secretdubai said...

What a fantastic idea.

But I give it a week before it's blocked by the proxy like every single other online translation service has been :(

BD said...

They block that sort of thing, too! What's the rationale?

secretdubai said...

The fear that they will be used to access blocked sites.

However, international visitors will still be able to translate posts if/when it gets blocked, so it's still worth doing.

I'll try and add it here.

secretdubai said...

Hmm... on second thoughts, why don't you add it bd?

You should be able to edit the template, but email me if not.

If you can also fix it so posters' name on the front page are clickable links to their profiles (like comment posters' names are here) that would also be super.

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