03 December, 2005

no fine?

The report – revealing that each investor from the region would get no more than 1,750 shares (at only DH1 each) – came as a huge disappointment to investors, particularly the thousands of Saudis who had crossed into Dubai to lodge share applications and had to spend the night in parks because hotels were overbooked.


i hope they didn't get a 500 dhs fine for sleeping on the grass!
Dont know if they still fine people for that

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Slagothor said...

1750 shares each, huh? So even if they have a 8:1 pop when they open, that's a profit of Dh. 12,250. And for that guys borrowed hundreds of thousands, flew to Dubai, took days off work and stayed in hotels (or slept in the park!) and roughed up some poor bank security guards. Not the kind of yield they were looking for, methinks. Dana Gas was promising a minimum allocation of 5,000 shares per person, which I was skeptical of. Not misplaced skepticism, I see.

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