04 December, 2005


After reading Bss & Brn's post about the most popular amazon books/cd's in the UAE i decided to take a look for myself.
Well, the UAE has been done proud by it's amazon users.

now you don't need to ask why the whole of amazon is prolly gonna be blocked.
someone has discovered the magical powers of eb00ks!!!111


Anonymous said...

fat chance. they will never block it cause 2 of my royal heighness friends alone order about 100 some odd books and other paraphernelia a month. can't block a sheikh ordering his books. now can we??

samuraisam said...

well usually certain people don't get the proxy.....

CG said...

anon....what is a heigness anyway? A highness who neighs perhaps?

secretdubai said...

It's another great example of why it is impossible to block all "offensive" content from the internet.

The only way to have a 100% halal internet is to ban in.

That said, I cannot understand why erotic texts or toys should be forbidden between married couples. As I understand it the Qu'ran sees pleasure as a vital part of marital relations.

Anonymous said...

to cg: put a sock in it.
as for us multilinguals, sometimes we get our highs and neighs mixed up. its a german thing.

samuraisam said...

anonymous: here is some advice, most of the people that claim to be royal "heighness"es are mereley posers. just because they have big bux, does not mean they have a red passport and diplomatic immunity.

SD: they could just block the offensive pages, i opened some of them and the covers could be deemed offensive, so i guess if they were available "samuraisam's dodgy porn on kingmax CD's for 5 dhs" business would die a certain death ):
If the proposed .xxx domaing were to ever see the light of day (they're talking about it now, they want all pr0n sites to become .xxx, so etisalat could just block .xxx in theory), but we all know that dodgy romanian porn websites aren't going to register .xxx if it means lost business.

samuraisam said...

i guess they'd also have to localise the content of the books too.

couldnt "Nuns in Love" be considered as spreading christian literature?

CG said...


Boy...you are touchy....plenty of us are multilinguals.

Take your sock and stuff it

Tim Newman said...

That said, I cannot understand why erotic texts or toys should be forbidden between married couples.

I can't understand why erotic texts or toys should be forbidden full stop. If a 6" rubber phallus is considered a threat to society, that society isn't going to be around for much longer regardless.

Like I'd say! said...

The real threat is the 9" rubber phalli. Men see them, feel insignificant, and then go start wars as a form of "compensation".

But I'm with you on the 6" ones.

pEtals said...

By reading all the contents I felt mad at times, sad sometimes and oh my GOD did I laugh...so if xxx is supposed to be "Oh my GOD why ban such a cool subject", so what next unmorale thing do u want unblocked...FACE IT, ur living in a muslim society, where "at least some" consider it taboo, so please do leave some dignity for us and let at least some of our remaining values survive this ugly so called "GLOBALIZATION" swirll we are going through. As a married couple I would undetstand, but honestly, do u think married couples even care less....

samuraisam said...

petals i'd prefer a population of people who don't use "u" and can spell correctly over an openly porn liking one.

face it, if it's immoral, it's in demand.

You can't bring hollywood movies to dubai and make a quick buck, and then start saying that porn is immoral.

Why on earth do you drive around in your gas-guzzling ford, talking on your nokia phone, sipping starbucks? your ideals have about as much worth as my banks yearly interest-giving-ceremony of 0.01$.

If you want to be moral go and live in the hills, kill a chicken a day, and survive on rain water. Say goodbye to phones, movies, computers et al.

We all know that if someone were to take away your mobile/coffee/computer/car you'd go boohoo and start crying. so infact all the crap you said is exactly that, crap.

I love people like "u", "u" iz s0 e-z 2 mak funnay of.

and incase you had any doubt about immorality, pls take a look at etisalat kthx.

samuraisam said...

oh yeah, petals, i should also inform you that the expansion of the internet had a whole lot to do with people "jerkin the gherkin", such a large industry provided confidence and money to a technology that would've otherwise been thwarted by a lack of interest.

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