04 December, 2005

Removing My Blog Temporarily

Certain peoples unwanted attention has come onto my blog as of recent. My Blog holds very sensitive personal and political information in it. I would not like anyone to be given the chance to exploit that, or to make a connection in real life, between me and the content displayed on it. Therefore I am hiding and sealing down my blog, and will only allow a select few to read it. If you would like the address, then Email me at

abudhabier [at] gmail.com

No linking, quoting or mention of my blog, its content or the address is to take place.

Thank You


CG said...

God forbid that anyone should ever manage to exploit you or even connect with you in real life.

I cannot help wondering which elite group you can be from. My mind boggles at the thought that we are connecting in cyberland with a person of superior intellectual and social standing.

You are the first chop.

desertblog said...

Isn't this likely to attract even more attention?

BuJ said...

oh dear... shock... i wonder how are you coping with the tsunami of e-mails requesting the new URL.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is still in Google's cache:

Why? Did 'friend(s)' of yours say they're reading UAE blogs?

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