19 December, 2005


I don't know if anyone else has been following the recent dust up about Wikipedia, but I have a little and it made me curious. I have looked things up in it before, but always taken it with a fairly large grain of salt. But I did learn about the death of Sheikh Zayed on it just a couple of hours after it was announced.

Anyway, at least one UAE blogger, Secret Dubai, is in it, though not as an independent entry, but as part of the Etisalat page. (I should note that I made a couple of small edits and amplifications to the page, but I'm not the one responsible for creating the page or mentioning the blocked bloggers.)


samuraisam said...

how dare thee smite my work!

BarfUser said...

There's also a WikiTravel now that has a section on the UAE that ... erm... someone fleshed out. ;)

BuJ said...

sam, the wikipedia page has your fingerprints all over it. good work :)

sheikha cheryl said...

Oh that's classic. Who submitted it?
Danger...I think Etisalat might block the Big Wiki. --DB

Revolutionary Blogger said...
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