01 December, 2005

hilarity ensues.

Dubai: Etisalat is in negotiations with a UK-based company to purchase a system that could block all voice over internet calls. Currently, Skype bypasses network proxys, allowing individuals to talk or exchange information undetected. Bitek has two systems Snyper and Guardian which can block Skype.

I'm not so sure etisalat needs the stupidity of this plan pointed out to them.
This is so entertainingly stupid, i think i may stick it on my wall.


BD said...

Wonder if those same press laws apply to Media City establishments--let's hope not. Look at it this way, all the free zones may be a kind of testing ground for the government. If things play out well there, perhaps the privaleges and freedoms enjoyed in those zones will be extended to the entire Emirate. Case in point, the new Dubai developments which are (I've heard) outside the Etisalat proxy.

BD said...

Oops, the above comment is in reference to the previous post about Press Laws.

Arvind said...

I bloody well hope if this blocking thing does kick in there is either:
a) an easy way to get around it or
b) it doesn't block things out like AIM where we can video conferance because I spent a lot of money on this iSight and am going to be highly pissed if I can't use it

Emirates Mac said...

arvind - iSight, huh? Glad to see some fellow Mac users here ;-)

This seems to be a very short-sighted move if it's true. I wouldn't think that if the UAE wants to be a modern market-economy competitive with the rest of the world they can do this for very long.

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