22 December, 2005

a most interesting article.

Lesbianism makes its way to varsity dorms

to quote from the article;
"The UAE is an open society with technology having invaded our homes through hundreds of television channels beaming from across the globe, mobile phones, through the Internet, etc. It is bound to have its impact on our children,” Dr Amina Al Marzouki, Student Affairs Dean at the UoS, told your Khaleej Times."
(interesting she was talking on a radio station, i thought smoke signals would've been more in sync with her "message")

"A student, who spoke on condition of anonymity said, "Only recently, I saw two women students kissing each other behind the dorms. They behaved like a man and woman in love."

Commenting on whether a close watch will be maintained on the students at UoS in the future to control the problem, she said the security at the university and other institutions at the University City has been beefed up and if anyone found indulging in such abnormal behaviour, they will be dealt with by the university's disciplinary committees.

Another student who also spoke on condition of anonymity said, "There are many female students who behave like men on the campus. They sport short hair, no makeup, and do not wear a sheila. Their mannerisms resemble that of men and appear to be physically tough,". she said, disclosing that they remain weary of such students who approach pretty female students and ask them for a kiss.

again usage of "sheila"

read the entire article, i pray you do, i haven't been able to stop laughing for the past 10 minutes after reading that article. thank you KT, you are so funnay.

MORE: Elton John 'wedding' causes stir in UAE

FOLLOWUP: Mixed reactions on KT's report on lesbians. Injections and sex education are mentioned. By the same doctor. Role of segregated schooling doubted. Read the whole thing.


nick said...

"Al Marzouki added that girls with such abnormal tendencies should be treated medically because the behaviour could be caused by hormonal imbalance"

So I guess we'll be sticking needles into these girls as well?

John B. Chilton said...

"they remain weary of such students"

And wary, too, I suppose.

nzm said...

If you took out all references to the Arabic names of the people and places, you'd swear the the article had been written by a Baptist minister deep in the heart of the US Bible belt.

And if the Elton John/David Furnish wedding offends some people, then why are they reading or talking about it?

It's almost as if whenever news comes out that's contrary to Islamic beliefs, they haul out the obligatory "expert" on Islamic law to denounce it.

Much like they do with the religious ministers in the West too!

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