23 December, 2005

more humour.

if you didn't think yesterdays KT was funnay enough, then today you will be rolling on the floor in laughter. IMHO, KT is now officialy up there with eddie murphy's delirious, and raw, they rocked, but this is just funny in an entirely different way.

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"I admit it is a serious problem and we have to find a solution. However, punishing girls with such abnormal sexual tendencies is not the solution. Lesbianism is a disease and it needs to be treated medically or through therapies and counselling and even by discussing the problem, but I do not agree that such an issue be discussed so openly like in the West where it is not considered a social problem. Both female and male homosexuality has found social acceptance in the West, but it cannot find such acceptance in the Islamic countries," she said, hoping the authorities will deal with the problem more carefully.

and another opinion from some other dude.
He refuted the suggestion that segregation of boys and girls from an early age in schools and in social gatherings in the UAE resulted in this problem. "Segregation is not the issue in the western countries, but such trend continues to prevail there." he said.

golden. absolutely golden.


nick said...

Couple of things to comment on:

Dr Hussein Mubarak, a psychiatrist at Zulekha Hospital who hails from Iraq referred to Lesbianism as a sexual perversion and said it was not a new phenomenon

The honorable Dr Hussein needs to read through his college books again. Just a quick snippit from Wikipedia: In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the revised Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. I.e, stop referring to homosexuality as a 'sexual perversion'.

Among the factors responsible for this increasing problem is that the UAE society failed to keep pace with the fast-paced economic progress.

Er...come again? So more and more people are coming out of the closet because of the economy? I really need an explanation on this.

However, if the problem does exist...
Yes it does exist. Just because there aren't Pride marches down SZR doesn't mean there aren't gay people around. We're here, we're queer, we're not going anywhere.

KT will always be a source of entertainment for me...

Dengrous Boy said...

i am want becim membar of uae comuniti bleg

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