31 December, 2005

Cinemas in general

I keep hearing that people want mobile phones banned in cinemas. All because some stupid feckers cannot keep theirs on silent, now we all have to pay.

Now they don't want kids in the cinema either (ok, I know....depends upon the rating), but after what they have access to on satellite tv, then I wouldnt worry too much, and anyway it is the parents choice.

So here we have it, no phones in the cinema and no kids either (so we cannot receive calls in case of emergencies ....kids stuff I mean).



secretdubai said...

The problem with phones in cinemas is that they used to block them, but that's now been made illegal.

If you really cannot sit through two hours without needing your mobile, then you shouldn't be going to the cinema. If there is a likely family emergency - eg someone about to go into labour - then don't go to the cinema during that dime. If you have kids then presumably someone else responsible is looking after them. If you really cannot go without contact with your children for two hours, then don't go to the cinema. Either take them with you (to a childen's film, and make sure they are well behaved) or wait until it comes out on DVD.

Yes - parents do have to make sacrifices - that's just the way it is.

I don't care if someone's mobile is on silent: I don't want to be disturbed by a loud "hushed" whisper, nor them hurriedly leaving the cinema in a distracting fashion.

We went for decades without mobiles in cinemas, there is no bloody reason why we can't do it now.

CG said...

Fair and valid points SD, although if you take a look at this , then you will see why I am slightly up in arms over the whole issue.

Tim Newman said...

Whether phones are allowed in cinemas or not should be at the sole discretion of the cinema owners. The public can then choose a cinema which either allows or forbids phones as they so desire.

This would remove the need for any bans, blocking, or any other action out of proportion to the problem at hand. BTW, when did blocking phone signals on private property become illegal in the UAE, and on what grounds?

BuJ said...

I was not aware that blocking mobile signals in cinemas is illegal. Since when?

A mobile blocker is an ingenious device. I reckon if used along SZR then accidents would soon become a thing of the past.

As for phones and emergencies, I think people should be allowed their phones in cinemas and a compromise would be to use the silent function coupled with an SMS in case of emergencies.

Either way I agree with SD in that if you go to the cinema then you accept that you will be unreachable by phone for 2 hours or so. Next thing we'll have people using the phone while on a roller coaster, while flossing, while changing a flat tyre on the left shoulder of the highway, then complaining that the cars are too close.. the list is endless.

samuraisam said...

Buj, our faithful friends at the TRA (tele reg authority) who along with enforcing the proxy on etisalat and us as a product of that, also ban mobile jamming device.

a.) emergency communications, bla bla bla
b.) blatant profiteering escapade (no one has to switch off their phones in the cinema, which means someone on the other end can always ring them)
c.) another way for big brother to keep it's birds eye view on where we are

CG said...

I agree with everyones comments. I relished my privacy and moments of silence, and phones etc really pissed me off. Then I had kids and I realised what 'emergencies' are. Believe it or not, we forfeit a HUGE amount of our lives because of children and the phrase about sacrifices is just about as lame as the one about Dubai Moaners that should leave if they dont like it.
All I say is why can't people be civilised and use phones on silent. They dont need to jump up and run out for every call. Only the emergency one that will never happen if your phone is on silent but will be sure to happen if your phone is switched off.
And about SZR....like duhhh...see how many people have accidents outside the Fairmont. BECAUSE they lost their phone signal under the trade centre r/a and are scrambling to get re-connected when suddenly everyone in front of them has braked to scoot into the slip road.

Anyway all of this is pointless because I will still continue to go to the cinema and if they block phone signals then my pager still works (the noise of that is worse than a phone, even on vibrate). I will also continue to take my kids to movies that I consider suitable for them, because in my opinion it really is up to the parents to regulate this. My youngest child can watch a chucky movie without flinching, all he wonders is how they made it all happen, where his older sister will have nightmares after watching ghost.

CG said...

Didn't anyone make a phone yet that automatically sends a sms to all missed calls with a pre-arranged text, like 'sorry, unable to take your call now, in the cinema'?

Like email does when you are on vacation.

redstar said...

I see no reason whatsoever for people to use their mobile phones in cinemas.

If you're going to be so discourteous as to use a phone in the cinema, switch it to silent, cancel any voice calls and ask for people to contact you with a text message in the event of an emergency.

Mobile phones and cinemas simply don't mix. Morons across the UAE ruin other people's evenings out on a daily basis thanks to their tedious blabbering.

BuJ said...

redstar.. might i also add that the rude people who actually use the phone in the cinema during a screening (i'm not talking sms, i'm talking using voice) actually are in the cinema because they are bored not because they want to enjoy the film.

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