19 December, 2005

Gulfnews: Missing journalists raise eyebrows

Chilton proposes re-education with focus on courses in logic

Gulfnews: Missing journalists raise eyebrows

One journalist is quoted as saying: "More journalists would have covered the summit had it been in another GCC capital, but the proximity to Dubai made it difficult for them to stay because they will get nothing at the end of it."

'Difficult'? I suppose so if you lack willpower. More likely the journalists weighed the costs and benefits and decided it was in their best interest to bolt to Dubai rather stay in Abu Dhabi. If all the GCC gives them access to is handouts and statements, and not newsmakers, then they can file their report from anywhere.

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snow white said...

To be honest, it's more likely because you couldn't get a hotel room in the capital over the summit. The "best" option was Al Sharia Hotel, 50km away from Abu Dhabi, for $200 a night - therefore, easier / cheaper to drive back to Dubai.

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