15 December, 2005

GCC studies 6-year stay limit

GCC Leaders to Tackle Demographic Issue

The annual summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which opens in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, will discuss a number of important topics including a proposal to restrict the stay of expatriate workers in the member states to a maximum of six years, informed sources said.

The move comes in the wake of growing pressure from international organizations to allow expatriates to settle down in GCC countries and to give them equal rights.

Bahraini Minister of Labor Dr. Majeed bin Mohsen Al-Alawi confirmed that GCC labor ministers had submitted the proposal to GCC leaders for action in their forthcoming summit. The proposal exempts indispensable professionals and specialists from the rule.
UPDATE: Proposal sent back to labor ministers for "further examination."


secretdubai said...

The problem with this is it's an extra cost for employers who might not want to lose valued staff and bear the cost of recruiting and bringing in new ones.

But on the flip side, people that are born here and live here until 18/21 probably do deserve some sort of recognition. Likewise those who work for 15-20+ years.

I wonder if a two-tier citizenship scheme is possible?

Slagothor said...

I'd like to see an actual instance of one of these "international organizations" arguing for the rights of migrant workers to claim citizenship.

Smells like a giant red herring to me.

BuJ said...


Some form of recognition is key. I'm very much against a two-tier citizenship scheme, that's what Israel has given their Palestinian "minority" within the 1948 borders.

Not only will we be following a rotten example, certain things need to be fair for all. Can you imagine a two-tier education system or a two-tier health system? hmmm perhaps I should not continue!

The Lady said...

My parents have lived here for almost 33 years - they have been the ideal, productive, supportive, law-abiding expat residents.

Despite calling Dubai home for so many years, it is unfortunate that when they retire, they will have no recourse but to leave this city.

Despite helping build Dubai, and support its ruling family, its government, and its laws, when those residence visas get cancelled, they'll have to book one way tickets to...erm...home??

But...this is home.

Tim Newman said...
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