28 December, 2005

writers call

Please, Please, Please, if you have a story to tell, then write it down and send it to me.

I am looking for Gulf writers, especially, citizens or anyone who grew up in the Gulf who can tell their stories about growing up here.

Your audience is the children of the Gulf. A sort of by Al Khaleeji for Al Khaleej.

Send your queries to me at azucena@columnist.com


BrainSyke said...

Well, I was in UAE from 8years of age till 18. Would you be interested in my story?

azucenamaryam said...

Yes, let me know what you've got

Anonymous said...

Well I've been in the UAE since my childhood...would you like to hear the story on "7 out of 10 residents in Jumeirah are british" or "An SUV for you, son, and a Porche for me" or "solution to inefficient public transport = get license, buy second hand car"

James said...

Hi Guys,

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I hope it maybe helpful

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