10 December, 2005


details have been revealed on the second telco for the UAE...
article here
another article here
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) unveiled details of a new telecommunications services company following its decision in May to create a second operator to compete with state-owned Etisalat.

The new company, which will be called "The Emirates Company for Integrated Telecommunications", would have a capital of four billion dirhams (1.1 billion dollars) and would be 50 percent owned by the UAE government, said the official WAM agency.

The company would start providing mobile services in mid-2006 and then expand to fixed-line telephony and Internet, said WAM adding that 20 percent of the company's shares would be sold on the stock market early next year.

no intarnet 4 y0u!harharhar


secretdubai said...

E.C.I.T.... itches... tries to resist...

samuraisam said...


what the hell are people going to call it on the street?

"The Emirates Company for Integrated Telecommunications and stupid names"?

i wonder if they'll fall under the .ae TLD too.


someone has already registered ecit.com, but they're just using it as a placeholder page for some crummy search engine.

what a stupid frikking name, at least etisalat meant connections or something in arabic.

John B. Chilton said...

Khaleej Times is calling it EITC.
Emirates Today is calling it EIC.

Perhaps the press release was in Arabic and these are translations.

Anonymous said...

EIC = "Ick?"

The Lady said...

T.E.C.I.T. - as in take it or get out.

huh said...

Well as far as i know, its TECOM the current telcomunication provider for internet city, and media city... There where some issues because the government handed the project over to TECOM and the rest of the people said inno thats not fair...

I think they are the same people that provide sahm (the telecomunication) for dubai marine and emirates hills...

Anonymous said...

i have read about the new etisalat"e2salat",how can we buy "sahm" and when,i heard that they postponed it b/c of shaikh maktoum death,i wish i can recieve an answer,thank you.this is my email:khalissa72@yahoo.com

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