18 December, 2005

Fellow Bloggers' Opinions Sought...

Some people have Google or other ads which are automatically generated on their sites. Presumably it provides some revenue. I have been asked by a local business to place an ad for them on my blog. Of course it would be nice to earn something, as long as the ad isn't too intrusive. But how much do I charge for the ad? I have no idea. Any fellow bloggers have any experience with or opinions on this?


samuraisam said...

tell them to ad and ad to google ad sense, my mother does it for her photography family portait website doo-da, the more hits, the less it costs per hit. i think its like 1$ US a hit. not too sure.

if you sign up for adsense (as in to make money, not to place ads), you may have to file tax returns.

Husain said...

You would be better-off charging a flat rate for putting the advert on your blog.

Normally, publishers pay on a CPC (cost per click) basis so if your CTR ratio (Click-through ratio) isn't good enough, you would earn next to nothing. I have put Google AdSense on my blog and I get about 1 dollar everyday. Can't let my life depend on it :-)

BD said...

I would prefer to charge a flat rate too, and I can give stats to the advertiser which they can use to decide whether their ads will get enough exposure. But I don't know what a reasonable flat rate is. Say a 200 X 200 pixel ad for Dhs 150 monthly, for a page that gets 500 visits per month. Too cheap?

Husain said...

I think it is a decent amount to begin with.

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