02 December, 2005

Let's Be Original

Let us not be lazy. Don’t just borrow some thing from the West to show them that you are on the same level. That way you will never get their respect. To earn respect, you have to be better, I am sure that there is a goldmine of talent in the UAE, why not us it? Have some competitions-do something that shows that the UAE is a free thinking and self confident country. Not a mindless copy cat. Let’s create some new democratic values. There are many living here in that are getting more and more worried about the turns that we are taking. Rapes, murders, homosexuality, prostitution, worker abuse, lewd clothing on young Muslim girls along with the headscarf, and a diminishing respect between everyone-yes, we seem to be on our way becoming a full democracy.
UAE-the undemocratic paradise for Westerners, because of its values, security, and lifestyle. Western democracy no longer works- unbridled, it has become like a wild fire. Yes, we need transparency-where no one is above the law, public opinion matters, and people do not live in fear of retaliation if they have a complaint. Religious values were the foundation of all democracies, from polytheist ancient Greece to Christian colonies of the US, but as they lost their values, lost their way. Democratic values are not variant forms of sex, drinking alcohol, or the right to abuse others. If we have to have democracy in the UAE- then let’s be original.

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samuraisam said...

i'm pretty sure you were asking a question, and i'm certain you answered it yourself

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