08 December, 2005

The Dilbert Blog: Results of Why I'm Stupid

Scott Adams has some suggestions that might improve debating between blogs and in blog comments.

The value of a blog declines when the comments quickly degenerate into the same debate between the same characters.

The value of a blog improves when the comments stay on topic and produce a variety of well-defended points of view.


Vinny said...

Hey .. your blogs really useful to keep in touch with latest happenings for ex-gulfies like me ... Keep up the good work ...

el condo said...

Funny and inciteful.

(Actually, superb and insightful). Better than the cartoon.

BD said...

What a humorous link! I agree that commenters should stay on topic. Say, Vinay, why do you say the blogs are only "for ex-gulfies." That's stupid, people still in the gulf can also benefit!

Because of B said...

not that i would like to degenerate the value of this blog/post...

but some of us bloggers in Dubai are planning a meet...
here is the url


anyone interested is most welcomed!

thanks :)

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