07 December, 2005

MORYARTI----------are you safe?

Moryarti, I am sure I am not alone in wondering how you are doing in your new pad minus. Didn't they connect you yet?
Maybe you are searching the streets for your missing old jackets that Mrs.M has thrown to the wind.....watch out vagrants...Mr.M is on the rampage.

Seriously though, hope all is well in paradiso.


samuraisam said...

*chh* Lost child on isle 3, lost child on isle 3. *chh*

nzm said...

I heard from him ealier today, so he must be ok.

I think that it's still an internet-free zone at his place.

moryarti said...

thank you for asking CG ..

*shedding a single happy tear*

Yes, my new crib is still unplugged to the www... and yes, Mrs. M is still downsizing my wardrobe... sigh

Mrs. m said...

Mr. m .. I am so not downsizing your wardrobe .. on the contrary i allowed you to share my second closet and placed your shirts there!! How could you??

As revenge, now i know where to hang your 'Ummm' art work..

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