18 December, 2005

Title banner competition!

The challenge: to create a suitable banner for UAE community blog.

The prize: one premium NeoCounter for 12 months

The small print: if all the entries are rubbish, no one wins ;)


Husain said...

And who will judge?

el condo said...

Secret: I'm not an IT guy, but I could give you something in Photoshop.

Please give the specifications, (height and width) and what details need to be incorporated (text--as seen currently?) and the resolution (72 ppi?).

Would you be in agreement with my suggestion (to anyone participating) that they preferably avoid clichéd images of Burj Al Arab, Emirates Towers or Clock Tower? Perhaps you'd like to give a small brief?

secretdubai said...

God - I have no clue about the size needed - husain?

Is there a standard size that we could figure out from other people's blogs?

Yes - the Burj is a bit of a cliche! But basically in terms of brief, whatever you feel really represents the UAE/this place/just looks nice. It can be photos, drawings, montage, abstract, whatever.

In fact if you want it could even be animated. Animated gifs sometimes look a bit patchy, but if the individual frames were made in photoshop as jpegs, we could possibly find a javascript that would rotate them like an animation.

Alternatively, if you made more than one - eg one has a sheikh top left, the other a camel, another a landcruiser, another a belly dancer (just examples - odd what springs to mind!!) I can use the same javascript as the side column image to have them randomly load for visitors, so they'll see different ones each time.

BD said...

I agree with El Condo. I'm no artist myself so doubt that I can contribute, but I hope we can avoid the clichés. How about a Palm?! Just kidding.

BuJ said...

I would put an image of an Indian guy selling fake DVDs in Karama next to a Chinese woman selling high quality Rolexes, and with the UAE flag (at Diyafa) fluttering behind as a beacon of hospitality and a symbol of a cosmopolitan UAE.

Husain said...

Since the blog doesn't use a fixed width template, you must ensure that your image blends well with the background (or you can specify a background).

The height of the image should be 100px.

BuJ said...

I would have thought that more people would have responded by now.

How about including the control tower of all 7 Emirates' airports as a symbol of UAE unitiy and also because in general the control tower is the first thing you see when flying into the UAE and the last thing you see when you leave.

The one in Dubai airport is really nice, and not overused like the Burj Al Arab.

CG said...

I would like to see pics of babies frolicking in the sea (the nice blue clear sea we used to have)....and maybe some pics of things like fish market....maybe something from Fujeirah way. Does it have to be Dubai? or the hot springs in RAK.

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