18 December, 2005


Sorry I sound like a total nut.
But I was just in Carre4 with the kids, and there I was putting apples in a bag.
I turned and almost banged into someone and was about to say something when I looked up and saw 5-6 local men in a little group in front of me.
There in the middle was HH Sheikh Maktoum.
I was zapped speechless. I did so want to say SALAM ALEIKUM, but having no idea whatsoever of ROYAL PROTOCOL, just shuffled quietly to the side and stared awed and totally dazed.
Of all the places in the UAE. WOW!


el condo said...

I assume this was Carrefour in Abu Dhabi?

Was it the Vice-President (and Ruler of Dubai) Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid al-Maktoum? Or was it another Maktoum?

Anyway, these are pretty down-to-earth people. All you got to do is say, "Assalaamu-Aleikum, your Highness" and proceed to kiss him on the nose...

BD said...

You do sound like a total nut! Anyway, I probably would have been dumbstruck too.

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