19 December, 2005


oh SZR, how i love thee.
I think all the tourists that praise dubai haven't been for a good walk down SZR, today i experienced it myself, i wasn't bothered enough to stop and photograph the mounds of scaffolding, or the pieces of sand that remain in my eye; however i shall treat you all to some 'teh-funnay' material.

Yes, thats right, you read it correctly; "Cook Door, Like Never Before", i never knew doors could be so tasty.

mmm, viagra sandwhich.......

Just incase the little people were scared away by the rule-enforcing shisha serving gentleman, then of course, this sign should scare all away.

Also, unfortunately it appears as if the quality of graffiti has still not improved in the 3 months i have been away.


BuJ said...

welcome back to the hood sam :)

BuJ said...

i'm glad you've still got internet access :))

Tim Newman said...

Good post!

moryarti said...

.. Cook Door is successful chain of fastfood joints in Egypt. This one could be a rip off - am not sure ..

sheikha cheryl said...

You are a freakin' nut!

sheikha cheryl said...

Wear goggles next time you are on a local walk-a-bout.

Sahar said...

That is hilarious!

::loves it!::

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