06 December, 2005

Carlsberg contd.

Ok here are excerpts from the latest correspondence we've received from the Brand Manager of Carlsberg in the UAE:
"Please rest assured that we did not in any way intend to offend anyone with this initiative and that we have every intention of showing respect for local religion and tradition.
As a consequence of your mails, I have agreed with the Dubai Ski Club that the sponsorship of will not be extended as it was originally planned – this in order not to harm DSC, its members and - at the end of the day - my own brand."

I'm really pleased that obviously they've come to their senses at long last. Or maybe just realised that offending the UAE laws can be very expensive. Anyway, It's a small victory isn't it?

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josh said...

Sorry to ask such an ignorant question, but I'm new to the UAE and the internet isn't telling me: what is the law on alcohol advertising here?

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