10 December, 2005

Tolls for Dubai roads to reduce traffic gridlock

Tolls for Dubai roads to reduce traffic gridlock :: Emirates Today

Dubai’s new Roads and Transport Authority is planning to introduce road tolls in a bid to reduce traffic congestion in the city. Today, two of the authority’s chiefs were due to announce a detailed strategy to ease congestion on the road network. And charges on certain major routes, in and out of the city, are a key part of the proposals.

It is thought tolls will be used on roads into the centre of Dubai in the hope of encouraging drivers to use quieter stretches of carriageway.

Abdul-Aziz Abdulla Malik, director of the transport department at the authority, and Maitha Mohammad bin Adai, head of the roads department, were due to make the announcements on how to tackle Dubai traffic problems at a press conference this morning.
Any news from the press conference?

UPDATE, Sun 11Dec: I've posted on the press conference reports at The Emirates Economist


Anonymous said...

Tolls, as anyone who has lived in an urban area where they're assessed, cause even more congestion if they're collected in a conventional way. They will only help if they're collected in the manner done in London, through remote transmitters.

The real problem, though, is not the cost; the real problem is a helter-skelter development pattern with too little long-term thought for its consequences. Imagine, for example, what the western Jumeriah Beach/Safa Park area will be like once they have all the Palm and all the skyscrapers planned for the base in operation ... 500,000 people on the Palm alone! They might as well start selling bed pace on Sheikh Zayed road now.

redstar said...

Tolls imply that there is an alternative form of transport available, something which isn't the case here.

How can anyone develop a city like Dubai, from scratch, yet totally forget to provide roads, parking spaces and public transport? Total lack of accountability, nepotism and general stupidity are going to destroy this place.

CG said...

For more thoughts on the stupidity of certain people....please read this

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