09 June, 2006

50 degrees

Expert in international law?
Come and explain the significance of 50 degrees at my blawg


Seabee said...

Sam, I have a vague memory somewhere in the very back of my mind of blanes being grounded at Dubai...I'll have to spend some time trying to work out what to ask google to get the answer.

My guess is that 50C is a mythical figure used for things because it's a very hot but also nice round number. No working above 50, blanes can't take-off above 50,thermometer bursts above 50 etc

jerard said...

The expalaination on Plane not taking Off above 50 Deg is that at High temperature the density of air decreases hence the thrust required reduces... Hence Planes will find it difficult to attain sufficient Lift required to pull up the Aircraft into Air. One way of overcoming this is to reduce load of the Aircraft.

But, I don't Know if there is an LAW in UAE about not working Beyond Fifty Degree Centigrade ( I think there should by an Law prohibiting announcing an Temperature above 50 Degree on Air & Press as I have heard temperature of 40 degress when the Temperature is soaring above 50 Degree)

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