29 June, 2006

Muslim gays seek l3sbians for wives

Washington Post:
Across the globe and especially in America, hundreds of other gay Muslims have started to pursue marriages of convenience--or MOC, as they are known-- in which gay Muslims seek out lesbian Muslims, and vice versa, for appearances' sake.
. . .
Jack Fertig, a co-coordinator for al-Fatiha, a national advocacy group for gay Muslims, says he comes across at least one such e-mail request every month. "It's obvious that this is becoming a viable option," he said. "People are seeking, looking and trying to make connections that could develop into such marriages."
. . .
Muslim authorities around the world have repeatedly emphasized that homosexuality is not permissible. Muzammil Siddiqi of the Islamic Society of North America said there is no flexibility on this topic.

"Homosexuality is a moral disorder. It is a moral disease, a sin and corruption. . . . No person is born homosexual, just like no one is born a thief, a liar or murderer," he said. "People acquire these evil habits due to a lack of proper guidance and education."


bandicoot said...

Now how far is the Islamic view of this issue from that of the Pentagon's revised policy on the same subject?

secretdubai said...

I think we can all see the Islamic view of homosexuality in the fact that the word "lesbians" is auto-blocked by the backward cretins in the censorship department.

As a result I've tampered with your title, John, so people can still access it by its permanent URL ;)

Seabee said...

The human race is not advancing very much is it.

blogrosh said...

It;s comments from Muslim clerics even in the United States which perhaps gives out a rather unfair and strong perception that Muslims are not progressive - because they follow the Quran so fundamentally - i.e. 1+1 = 2 approach.

I don't know much about homosexuality - however there is enough scientific evidence rather than "religious fundamentalistic" views to support - homosexuality is not something which is developed by people. It is certainly not a disease and people are certainly born with such traits.

Wonder what the Muslim Clerics have to say about humans born with both reproductive organs - is that a "disease" at birth!

blogrosh said...
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blogrosh said...
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blogrosh said...

To bandicoot - Re: the Pentagon's revised policy"

Who do you choose to believe the Pentagon folks with evidence to support WMD in Iraq or true scientific and medical professionals?

Or, with all due respect - are you amongst those who just refuses to think and comprehend beyond what is being told to you- that is supposedly in the Quran?

Please do not get me wrong - I am only trying to understand how you've come to base your perception on this matter.

bandicoot said...

I was just pointing out the irony of how traditional Islam and the Pentagon can find theselves more or less in the same moronic position on this subject. My linking to the news item doesn't mean I'm promoting its content. As far as I'm concerned they're both wrong.

blogrosh said...

oops my bad ; ) then we agree on the topic.

Shahzad said...

I don't see the "subject" here.
I mean this blog has been written to show Muslims are not progressive?

But Homosexuality is wrong in Christianity/ Hinduism & other religions too.
And as for Pentagon revising thier policy- well some Gay must have won a top seat !

blogrosh said...

I don't think this blog has been written to show Muslims are progressive, however like Christianity in early centuries and most of Hinduisim as we know it from the 18th and even the late 19th century - there are sects of Islam (Wahabis for example, not to mention OBL and croonies) who are defaming a noble religion.

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