24 June, 2006

Becoming Lebanese: A step-by-step guide.

you gotta see this folks.........

Becoming Lebanese: A step-by-step guide



CG said...

Neither amusing nor what I would call UAE community news.

And no, I am not Lebanese, nor am I married to one.

Anonymous said...

Well, it openly targets and generalises with regard to a particular community. Not such a good idea, eh?

It may be funny, but what if you started to do one about Indians...or Pakistanis (I am one of these)...

Anonymous said...

yeah because targetting lebanese is ok, just don't target indians or pakistanis.

target israelis! no one would defend them!

fellow atheist said...

I think it's almost funny. A lot of this stuff is echoed by Lebanese people themselves (who are very nice people, despite this seemingly offensive post).

I also do agree with cg in that it really has little to no place in uaecommunity.blogspot.com.

Axonsax said...

Thank heavens we all have a sense of humour here!

The UAE Community blog can be interesting, informative, sometimes controversial and but should always be entertaining.....?

It should stimulate debate and conversation; offer a platform for news, views and opinion, give people the opportunity to promote their blogs and have fun, fun, fun, until her daddy takes the T-Bird away.

Woke said...

Quite funny though I dont think it is wise to generalise a community.
Besides dont you think we should avoid a situation where we see posts like "Hey guys.. I've posted..Check this out (hyperlink)".

Leilouta said...

Too funny :)

Nasri Atallah said...

Just a point of clarification. I wrote this guide a while back and it has been circulating as an email ever since, and has been plagiarized in a couple of magazines.
All I want to say is that I am Lebanese, and damn proud of it. One of our redeeming characteristics, aside from inventing everything on Earth, is our sense of humour. Anyone who thinks what I wrote is offensive is cuckoo.

3oshtom, wa 3asha loubnan.

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