17 June, 2006

Bad Business Practices at IATC

Anyone else had any problems with the IATC (International Automobile and Touring Club)? This organization which is contracted by HSBC to provide auto-recovery and other services to its customers is fraudulent. I waited 3-hours and several phone calls later for a pick-up on Thursday. They never came. (Meanwhile my car was in a workshop and needed to be transported to another.) They agreed to do it on Saturday, but I spent from 8 a.m. Saturday till 4 p.m. trying to get them to do this. They repeatedly LIED and said someone was coming, they would get back to me, etc. Avoid this fraudulent service provider!


Anonymous said...

Why not lodge a formal complaint to either of the 2 org's (the bank and the service provider) to solve your problem?

Shaun Peters said...

Well, I don't think I could possibly agree to your comment. I myself have been holding a Roadside assistance card with IATC through HSBC for the past 3 years and if I'm right, I might have requested their service for atleast 5 times during this period and I always got a rather quick response, except for once when I had to wait a little more than an hour. The service was excellent and the recovery operators seemed experienced in the way they did their job.

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