21 June, 2006

CAIR and Dubai

UAE - The Official Web Site - News: "Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance and Industry, has endorsed a proposal to build a property in the United States to serve as an endowment for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), according to a senior official at the Washington DC-based organisation."

CAIR is a target of FrontPage magazine.com.

For those unfamiliar with FrontPage, here is the Wikipedia entry.

Paul Findley, who headed the CAIR delegation to Dubai was for many years one of the few critics of Israel in the US Congress.

I have to believe that Dubai sincerely wants to help CAIR in its "strategic plan on correcting the image of Islam and Muslims among the American public." I doubt that their alliance will do anything to improve the perception of Dubai or CAIR with FrontPage and its allies.


Anonymous said...

Oh, oh. JBC, didn't ya realise one of those links is blocked by Ellishat?

That should teach those right-wingers!


We all clean, they all dirty.

Terror-Free Oil said...

FNC, 8/14/6 Islamofascist CAIR Doesn't Like the Term "Islamic Fascist" - video

FNC, 8/12/6 CAIR Terrorist Apologist Blames Israel - video

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