28 June, 2006

Attack of the Clones

What could be worse than a fake eBay website advertised as the Middle-East Marketplace in the UAE?

Another website called EmiratesMac (with the UAE flag inside a not-so-unfamiliar apple) happily referring to the former, ofcourse.


Samawel said...

I give original Ebay 5 months to start a lawsuit about this. hehe

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recognition... it's actually not Apple's apple, but it's good if people recognise the idea ;-)

Shahzad said...

Ebay.ae how did Etisalat give them this domain without checking?

secretdubai said...

Ebay.ae how did Etisalat give them this domain without checking?

Probably the same way that Etisalat has given out my private email address to spammers. How do I know this? Because until I started getting spam on it, I didn't even know I had it. (I used the @emirates.net.ae version, I didn't realise the @eim.ae version existed).

And most of these spammers were local companies - shitty training courses, that kind of thing. Not your regular Nigerians/V1AgRA/hot-stock-tips type, but people who were clearly targeting UAE-based addresses, and had got themselves hold of a list, clearly from Etisalat.

Regarding my @emirates.net.ae address - I've also never given that to any website or mailing list, I always use my gmail one or another private one. Again, the only wway spammers have got hold of it is by being given it - or stealing it through hacking - from Etisalat directly.

John B. Chilton said...


It's not in Etisalat's interest to irritate you by selling an email list. But the interests of individuals with access to that list differ from the company's - especially if they think there will be no consequences or they are paid a menial salary to begin with.

secretdubai said...

john - that would make sense. But it's still ultimately a company's responsibility to stop its own staff stealing and misusing data.

Dubai Media-tor said...

no i disagree becoz when i got my new email Id from eim.ae I immediately recieved an email and was surprised i'd not given it out.

They actually have a single address for ex. all@eim.ae or some other email for groups and so the Etisalat serves sends to every address

Woke said...

There are several agencies in Dubai who sell databases to companies to be used for direct mailing. These guys charge anything from 3000 Dhs to 20000 Dhs depending on the type of users and most possibly use illegal methods to acess these databases. I am not sure if Etisalat is directly involved in this.

And dear anon@16:32,
Yes I can see you have added a stem to the apple and took out the bite :D

Emirates Mac said...

Yeah, we didn't want to get into a legal thing with Apple over using "their" apple...(posted as anonymous earlier by mistake)

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