01 June, 2006


Imagine you are in Paris for Business and then get an SMS from your bank stating 'loan payment is overdue and make payment ASAP', and then you can't call them back because all their lines are busy. After a few hours of repeated trying you get through only to be told, 'it was a mistake'.

Who is going to pay for my roaming and international calls?
Thank you ABN AMRO, you suck!


Anonymous said...

can't afford a few francs?
a beggar in pareee?
futhre vous monsieur.

Anonymous said...

Ermm, yes Anon. These mistakes happen often. Not the first and definitely not the last. What are you crying about?

BuJ said...

wow.. a perfect example of how the UAECB has evolved into a very educational tool for information exchange.

AM said...

Lol try and stop your credit card with them, you'll keep receiving bills for over a year after that ... regardles of how many times you call to give them the remark ... and of course the amount is adding up in the meantime ;)

Emaraty said...

You deserved it.... And anonymous, u said it perfectly rite... "can't afford a few francs?
a beggar in pareee?
Plus Mr. so called Goodlookin, if you did have a small piece of brain in ur skull, you could have contacted the closest ABN Amro branch in France. They would have sorted out this misunderstanding.

P.S. It's not ABN AMRO that sucks. its customers like you who do.

adevents said...

he is right ABN AMRO Sucks believe me I have been through this, it will not help to call another branch, even in your branch only one person might solve your problem that if you are lucky enough to know who is in charge and if he is sick or on leave than you will never solve your problem, it is the worst bank I have ever dealt with

el condo said...

Emaraty: Are you an ABN-AMRO customer and were you a recipient of the SMS? I wonder. Goodlookin was in Paris when he received it; I was right here in Dubai. What?!thought I. My payment wasn't even due, and it was supposed to be auto-debit anyway. And I've never ever defaulted.

I called the number given in the SMS, only to be told: "You're calling the wrong number--this is credit cards collection only." I was told to call the phone banking number--guess what: the lines were jammed.

I have a feeling that rogue SMS went out to every ABN-AMRO customer. A few hours later, another one arrives to say; "Please ignore our earlier message."

Mistakes happen, but this was a royal snafu. Oh, but I forgot...this is the UAE, we're not supposed to criticise...

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