06 June, 2006

Recognition for UAE Community blog

Hooray! Emirates Today's Blogbites may be somewhat absent at the moment, but UAE Community Blog is far from forgotten:

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Here's an screenshot of the article to preserve our fame forever!


nzm said...

I believe that the reporter who wrote the article is one of us!

He recently "outed" himself on his own blog.

archer14 said...

Congrats SD, you as well as emirati are featured in todays tabloid here


archer14 said...

^ Dubai Media Observer too.

yasmine said...

i hear emirati has given up on his blog.
sad. anyway....

Dubai Media Observer said...

Amazing that Dubai Media Observer would get any mention anywhere. I guess I should get back to blogging on it. Thanks archer14 for pointing that out (I wouldn't of have looked at the link!)

BuJ said...

congrats SD for your continuous and dedicated efforts on the UAECB front :)

good news about emirati as well but too bad he's stopping.. although i hope it's temporary.

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