29 June, 2006

Beirut, anyone?

AFP, via Yahoo News: Welcome to Beirut, Sin City of the Arab world

"This allows for a more permissive and less hypocritical society," she says, adding that "contrary to Dubai, it is not just a form of freedom aimed at creating the right atmosphere for business and tourism".
Obviously if I say I most certainly agree, I'll be called an unpatriotic local.

Anyways, I won't be able to see Hakeh Neswan ("Woman's Talk") any time soon, although I'd love to see it if they manage to get it here to Dubai.


Emirati said...

Lebanon has always been too insignificant to mean anything. Their shot at Dubai is uncalled for. Remember that Mafiosos continue to rule their country and that it took a civil war to get them to dialogue.

Masrahji said...

From what I heard about Haki Neswan, there is just no way it would be allowed in Dubai, or in any other Arab country for that matter. The language is very explicit and much of it is based on Memoirs of A Vagina.

georges said...

hey emarati,
you dont need to say this about lebanon. as if uae has a culture, at least try to preserve it if u have and not exporting it from somewhere else.
and dont forget that dubai owe a lot to the lebanese for what it is right now, and it will always be in need for the lebanese if u still oppressed by ur gov.

Emirati said...

We owe alot to the lebanese ? Ours and Saudi money rebuilt your country, which your idiotic compatriots blew to smithereens. We on the other hand paid took pity on your people, gave them jobs. You eat out of our hand brother. At least our government gives a damn about its people, yours cant keep the bloody water and electricity on properly. Culture ? What culture? A bunch of rebuilt clone of florence buildings ? A bunch of old buildings and stones that dont mean anything anymore and are mere Lebanese escapism from the fact that your country never had an entitial history older than 80 years?

blog400 said...

Hey guys, what a good conversation.

Dubai is better than Lebanon, no it is not, yes it is, no it is not, you are a b****, etc.

Mind you I am from England, so perhaps I am not qualified to comment.

Perhaps one might agree that:

"Dubai has more money and stability but less history, culture and freedom."

Bye for now, stop fighting boys.

Emirati said...

I'll remind you that the area of Dubai has been inhabited since Sassanid times, the Dubai creek being used by the Sassanid traders as a trading spot since 1800 years. The Umm Al Naar Civilization in the Abu Dhabi islands of 3000 years, the Civilizations of Abiel and Mazun and the Coinmakers in Ras al Khaimah since 2000 years.

Established fact: The Trucial States have been in existence since the late 1700s.

Established fact: Lebanon was only an independent or a seperate entity from the time of the Mandates. Despite the appointment of Bashir II as a ruler under Suzeranity of the Ottoman Empire, he was selected to govern a province of the ottoman state.

Indian said...

It's all very good, Emirati. Nice bit of history there.

On the other hand, the Lebanese are free to speak their minds...are you?

bandicoot said...

Guys, this is getting ridiculous; this is a pointless quarrel. It's almost like another typical example of Arab feuding over nothing! Who cares if this country has more money or less culture and history than the other? Can't you please find something more interesting to debate or fight about?

Emirati said...

Indian, perhaps you should check what I say in my blog as proof

Amir Mirza said...

Hahah Emirati Ur a Funny guy!
Listen, Uae was a Fishing Port 15 years ago :) It was full of Smelly, Poor, Weird, Sick Arabs while Beirut was and is still The Paris of the Middle East ;)
We are :
Capital of Fashion in the Middle east,
Best Nightlife in the middle east,
Hottest women in the middle east,
Best Education in the Middle east,
Best Beaches in the Middle east
We have REAL SNOW, Not inside a Tiny Ski Arena.
The only Country in the world who Beat israel in war, u guys have never been in a Single war.
Lebanon is a Jewel,
Emiratis and Saudis and Kuwaities are Just Jealous of us, U guys come to Have fun in Our Clubs and our Nightlife.
Does Dubai have Ruins of the Greek and Pheonecian like Lebanon? I will Chop off my Own Arm if u have half the Culture we have, btw
Lebanesse Sweets are Voted the Most Delicious Desserts on Earth :)
All the types of food you guys have are Mashboos Lahm ew
we the Lebanesse Like to Detonate Bombs, Trust me its Fun, we get Vacations and Some Action, Unlike you guys, I bet u never Held a Gun in your life ! Dont you Dare talk about Lebanon, All Gulf Counties have Fat, Ugly and Envious People, We are Unique, You guys are Just Trying to Copy NYC!
God Bless Lebanon and Time will Prove who we are,
If Dubai has Ever been in a 15 Year long Civil War, and about 3 Wars with Israel, I will highly Doubt it will look Anything like Lebanon haha, I REALLY look Forward to your Comment ! Although this is Really Old :s
Good Luck you Ignorant Emirati Trying to use ur Brain to Think of a Comeback ;)
I look Forward to your Comeback
Good Luck. My Name is Amir

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